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With My Teacher In A Stormy Night

Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.
It was my birthday. My relatives need not try to memorize my birthday because my birthday is a special day, the 14th of April which is celebrated as “Baishakhi”, the first day of the Bangla Year, the “Pahela Baishakh”. Now I’m going to tell about a special birthday of my life which was not normal as my other birthday. The school administration must not care about my birthday, so that birthday was not so happy at first to me that I had to sit for my math exam on the next day of my birthday. So I couldn’t enjoy freely like others. There was another reason of my sadness that, I knew that all will enjoy my birthday but I should have to go to my private tutor in that night leaving all the enjoyment for preparing rest of the math which I needed to solve for the next day exam.
Feroza Madam, who also was invited to my birthday party, was my math private tutor. She resided about 5 kilometers far from our house. She was very cute to look at, slightly short in height but her vital statistics were 34-32-38 with good health. She was very much caring for me and loved me very much, my problems she solved with very carefully and made for my easy understanding. The main party ended and then all guests took their snacks n dinner. At about 8 pm Feroza Madam told my parents that it is the time to go and she wished to take me with her. My parents also became very happy that I alone would have to reach her house by public bus with a great hazard and if I would go with her I could go by taxi.
We reached Madam’s house at about 8:45 pm and soon she took a change and wore her normal dresses and called me to the reading table. At about 11 pm I came to the end of my syllabus and became cheerful that soon I could return my home and at least meet some of the guests. But it was my bad luck that suddenly we heard some thunder sounds from outside. We looked outside and soon a destructive hurricane storm started, we closed all the doors and windows. Power went and Madam lit her charger light. Not only storm there was heavy rain also.
After about half an hour the storm stopped but the rain did not stop but began to fell heavily. Madam asked me, “Moni how will you return in this stormy night?” I replied in a dried voice “after few minutes the rain will stop and then I could go, if you lend me an umbrella it would not be a problem to me.” Madam was watching the outside through the window and called me “the condition of the road is not so good, I think some big trees are uprooted in this storm, electricity line also may be destroyed. Come and look my dear, all the traffics are standing at a place, no movement, you will not get any transport. How will you go this long distance? So u do one thing, stay the night in my flat.”
I replied “but I must have to go home, my parents will think about me.” Madam smiled and told “No, my honey, I also want you that you would go home but the condition is not in your favor.” Then she thought few seconds and then became cheerful and told “okay, let us try, let me check first the telephone line is okay or not. She took the receiver and became very glad, look dear the telephone line is working. Wait, I’m calling your parents.” Then she called by my house number and talked with my parents. She approached them to permit me to stay her house for that night as the condition of the road was not good and still it was raining heavily.
Then Madam told me “so, my honey, be relaxed and you are staying at my flat for this night, okay?” She asked me about my appetite, though I told that I had no appetite but she arranged some toast and eggs. We had those and prepared to sleep. Madam was living in a small flat containing only a bedroom on the top floor of a four stories building. So there was only one bed to sleep. Madam told me, “dear, look the bed is enough big for sleeping two of us, is it not?” I hesitated to sleep with Feroza Madam in the same bed, as I was already experienced about female body and I had the experience of fucking older women earlier. So I told “no matter Madam, I could easily pass the night on the sofa.”
She scolded me and told “no another word, go to bed.” Then she looked and me and told “just a minute boy, you are wearing your new dress of birthday, those will be spoiled if you sleep wearing those. So you must change those, but sorry dear, I’ve no boy’s dress. But if you don’t feel shy you can wear my petticoat.” I was feeling shy and couldn’t say anything. Then she held my cheek and told “what happened my dear? Why are you shying, nobody is here in this flat except you and me. Wear my petticoat just for rest of the night, in the morning you could again wear your loving birthday’s new dress.” She gave me a petticoat and I changed all my cloths.
As she had no shirt or T-shirt, so I had to keep my upper body bared. It was not a problem for me that I always sleep with bare body in the summer nights. The electricity didn’t reestablish and the charger light’s charge emptied. She switched off the light and I lied on the bed at the end of the edge. Still then there was raining heavily outside. When I slept I don’t know but when I awoke at first I could not recognize the environment and could not remember where I was. Then I could remember all and noticed that the dim light was spreading a sweet bluish light. The storm and rain had been stopped. In that dim light I saw that I and Madam were just alongside and her face was closed to mine. I could see her face, her nose near my nose and her worm exhale I could feel on my face.
She was wearing a night gown and it was made of thin cloth, I slowly downed my eyes and saw her large breasts were just touched my chest, I could clearly saw the black nipples with its black surrounding through the thin dress. The sight made me horny and aroused and soon I felt that my penis started to erect and soon it erected hard totally and I could not impede it to touch Madam’s thigh which was placed near my groin. I tried to move back but failed as her one knee was kept on my thigh and my erected penis stuck under her thigh. I became very bewildered that if Madam thought me otherwise and told to my parents then I would be seriously punished. So I decided to pretend like sleeping.
I quietly stayed like a dead body, but couldn’t hide my erected penis’s bulge. After few minutes I felt that Madam is moving because her one hand was kept over my body. I slightly kept my eyes open to see what she will do. At first she took her hand back from my body and then she might felt the bulge and pressure of my erected penis. She lifted her leg slightly and kept her hand there to check the source of the bulge and she directly kept her hand on my penis. She pressed and held that and soon she understood the thing is nothing but my erected penis. As she was an experienced lady she soon understood that something is happening abnormally.
Feroza Madam was married and she was then 26. She loved and married handsome guy without her parents’ permission. As such she had been driven away from her home. But she made a big mistake that the guy was a greedy and characterless person. So, she couldn’t but break her marriage after one year duration. After divorce she didn’t return to her parents but joined our school as a math teacher. She lived alone in her small flat. She had a great affection to me for my brilliant result in the exams and she willingly took the responsibilities of my math subject as a private tutor and she didn’t take any remuneration from my parents.
Madam tried to guess the size of my erected hard penis and became amazed about the size, because in that my fifteenth birthday my penis was about six inches long and fat. She slowly dragged the petticoat upward which I wore and brought out my penis. She grabbed my penis and began to press to feel its hardness. She rubbed her thumb at my circumcised penis head and it already started oozing pre cum. She felt the slick material and rubbed it at the whole tip of my penis. Her next action totally dazed me. She dragged her own petticoat and again lifted her leg on my body and moved her waist more close to me. Then she touched my penis head with her butter soft pussy which was already oozing pre cum juices.
Grabbing tightly my penis Madam began to rub my penis head with her pussy longitudinally from the tip of the clitoris to the end of the pussy hole. I felt her pussy hole and soft clitoris with my penis head. She began to moan like ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah umm umm umm ummm ummm umm umm aaah aaah aaaah aaaah aaah aaah. It continued for about 4/5 minutes and then she reached at her orgasm and began to moan louder aaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh mmmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm and jerked her waist. I knew that she ejected just then. She exhaled a deep breath and softly kissed on my forehead. She didn’t know that I was watching all.
After her ejection she got up and sat beside my waist, all the things were seen clearly. Then she carefully made me to lie on my back by pushing my body. My penis then stiffed upward like an iron mast towards the ceiling. Madam ogled at my penis for a couple of minutes. She touched it with her forefinger and made a movement, it titillated me. Then she moved back her body and bent to me and with a great surprise she took my penis into her mouth and began to suck. She was surrounding her tongue round my penis head and sucked the penis like she wanted to collect the bone marrow from a hollow bone. She was moving her hand up and down grabbing my penis. I became so excited and horny that I couldn’t hold my ejection further more and shot my load into her mouth.
Madam didn’t spoil my load and drank all the semen nicely licking my penis for about one minute. My penis became limp and then she again lain alongside me. She pulled me again to make me lie on my flank and then we became face to face again. She didn’t cover my penis but kept bare and she was holding my limp penis. I think meanwhile she again became horny, she unbuttoned her night gown and made her breasts uncovered. The golden round shapely breasts were so cute to look at that I couldn’t but stared at their beauty. The nipples were dark black and surrounded with a wide black circle. She began to fondle her breasts herself. Meanwhile the beauty of her breasts made me aroused and my penis soon grew hard again.
Grabbing my penis tightly Madam began to press and move her hand to and fro. She put her forefinger on my lips and began to caress. I couldn’t pretend of sleeping but opened my mouth and taking her finger into it I slightly bit. Madam shouted, “ouch”. Then whispered, “hi dear, you woke up? O naughty boy, then you are watching all?” I smiled and told “yes Madam, from first to last.” She began to fist me mildly “o naughty boy, what a shame, so you are thinking me a very bad girl, na? Sorry my boy, I couldn’t control myself.” I giggled, “no Madam, I enjoyed it, don’t worry, I wouldn’t disclose it.” Madam became very glad and hugged me tightly, “o my darling, you are so good, so good, I love you my boy, love you very much.” Her soft boobs were smashing with my chest.
Then she released me and invited me, “so why you are waiting my dear, suck these, I think these are tastier than your mom’s”. I used my both hands to grab her nice soft boobs and began to suck one nipple and knead other. I was sucking and kneading simultaneously the both boobs and she was pressing my cock hard and moving her hand up and down. I became moaning like mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhh aaaaahhhhhhh she did her job more frequently. I was sucking nicely her tiny black nipples including the large aureole, I also kneading her soft but firm breasts. After few minutes she told “darling, my little cat is dripping, will you taste that?” I smiled and told “I’m shying Madam.” She giggled and told “still you are shying, very bad dear, come on, take it.”
I was very much eager to see her cute pussy, so I didn’t do late and got up from the bed and sat. Madam leaned her body resting her back with the wall supporting a pillow and parted her legs wider. I stared at her nice bald pussy, it was sparkling, whitish, deep cleft and within the cleft a mountain of black muscle swelled, yes, that was her clitoris, a plump of muscle. I crawled between her legs and took my head near the pussy. I got a nice aroma from her pussy, which was a sexy aroma. I began to sniff the aroma and touched my nose all over her pussy and sniffing. From that day still today I always sniff the sexy aroma of all girls’ pussies. It made me more horny and then I brought out my rough tongue and touched on the clitoris. As the first touch she felt, her whole body shivered in ecstasy.
First I licked her clitoris and then the both groin with some portion of thighs, then I licked her pubic surface. My libidinous act made her so horny that she couldn’t bear my licking outside more but grabbing my head she pressed on her pussy and set my tongue to lick her clitoris and pussy hole. The hole was filled with pre-cum juices, I licked that all and drank the brackish fluid. I was penetrating my tongue head into the pussy hole and Madam was moaning like aaaaaauuuu aaaaauuuu mmmmmmmm aaaaaaammmmmaaammm aaaahhhhaaahhhhahhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh ooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiisssssshhhhhhhhh and whispering “o my love, lick me more, like me hard, my heart, my sweetheart, my jaaannnnnn, kill me, kill me by fucking.
After few minutes licking Madam invited me to take part the love making game. I also craving for that and wanted to taste her pussy with my little brother. I dragged her down by her legs and set her waist over a pillow, her pussy flourished upwards and the clitoris parted slightly and a narrow cleft was seen. I knelt down in between Madams thigh and I had to bend my penis downwards that it was stiffed upward. I set my penis’s circumcised strawberry shaped pointed head with the orifice of her heavily lubricated pussy hole. While I was attempting to thrust my penis Madam lifted her legs and grabbed my waist and yanked with heavy jerk, for the pressure suddenly my hard erected penis penetrated into her pussy hole and she screamed in joy aaaaahhhhhh.
Then she released her legs and I dragged my penis back about one inch and again shoved in with a heavy jerk. Her pussy was too warm and tight, I penetrated my penis till its base and I felt that my penis head touched her inner wall and she was moaning. I grabbed her boobs and began to knead and was running my penis through her pussy hole. My hanging balls were hitting her asshole. She was seriously enjoying the fuck and moaning aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaahhh aaaaaaahhh mmmmmmmm aaahahmmm aaaahhhh mmmmssshh. She was waving her waist to get more joy from my penis.
She was also up thrusting her waist to get more friction with my penis and I was also getting enough enjoyment from her sexy act. I was sucking her nipples and stimulating her clitoris with my thumb. She was just creaming in ecstasy. I was fucking her with heavy motion and some sounds were producing for the collision between our pubic. After about 5 minutes I made her body turned on her flank and lifted her one leg over my shoulder and at that position I could touch her womb with my penis head, my penis head was hitting with her womb and she was shuddering her body in joy. I need not fuck after more 7-8 minutes that she reached her orgasm and she grabbed my hairs and pressed my mouth with her boobs and called me “bite my breasts, my nipples, tear them.”
Soon her extreme time reached and she dragged me over her body and hugged me tightly, the she rolled her body totally upside down and sent me under her body and she herself began to fuck with a stormy speed and was moaning aaaaah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah and ejected, I felt some spasms of her pussy wall with my penis body.
She rested for about 2 minutes lying over my body, my penis continued stuck into her pussy and that was rock hard but drenched with cum and pre cum, some juices was dripping through my groin. Then she again began to fuck from the top and I was kneading her breasts. We were sucking each other lips and tongues. After about 10 minutes more she again came to her next orgasm and ejected. She brought out my penis from her pussy and asked me that if I want to eject or not. I told, “yes Madam I’m at my extreme point, I’ll eject soon. Then she began to handle my penis and suck my penis tip. Within a short moment I shot my load into her mouth and she licked my whole semen and drank till the last drop.
Rest of the night we both slept sound hugging each other. Early in the morning she woke up me and kissed deeply. Then she asked me to dress up soon and go home because at 10 am I would have to appear in the exam. I sacred that for the night fantasy I might do bad in the exam but after getting the question paper I could answer the all questions and I became so happy to my Madam. After that till my SSC exam I fucked my Madam.


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