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Sex With A Hot Widow – Part II

Hello ISS readers!! Anil is back. This is the second part of my story. In the last part I had explained how I met a lady in a camera shop, who I came to know latter was a widow. How we became friends and she offered me to call her after midnight. As I had said the real story began here… Read on you will like it for sure. It’s a real incidence. I will write some conversations in Bengali that will make you feel more what happened between us. 

The next day itself I called her at around 11:30 pm. She was on bed already. We talked about normal things, a lot of things rather for an hour almost before the topic came to her life. She said she had lost her husband 5 years back in a road accident when she was just 34 years old. She said she was very unfortunate and she misses his love a lot, she doesn’t want to live any more … and she started crying. I was constantly trying to console her and trying to cheer her up. 

We had talked for almost 3 hours then. She thanked me for being so generous and being a friend of her as she felt very lonely and asked me to be in touch and we disconnected the call. That day onwards we started talking every night and we enjoyed our company. 

I still did not have any other thought about her and treated her just like a friend. One day I returned home late from work and was very tired so I could not call her. Next day she called me during the day to ask me why I didn’t call her and said she was waiting for my call. She was missing me…I called her up at night again but a little late. She picked up the phone and asked “where were you?” I said I was little busy. 

She: Ki niye eto busy shuni? (Tell me what were you so busy with) 
Me: I was watching a movie. 
She: What movie? And what was so interesting in it? 

Me: Kichhu dhopka dhopka boudi chhilo cinematay (There were a few busty ladies in the movie), and I started laughing 
She: You men are always crazy about that thing (she meant sex) 
Me: Hey! Why men only? Women too are crazy for that. Are you not? 

She paused for a moment and said 

She: You know about me, I have forgotten what that is. 
Me: Sorry! But you are still very young (39) must be having physical desires. 
She: Yes. But what to do? Anyway, leave it. No point talking about it. I have forgotten everything. Tell me about you. 
Me: What about me? You know about me as well, I am single and do don’t have any girlfriend either. 

She: I don’t believe that you don’t have a girlfriend 
Me: Well yes I have a girlfriend 
She: Who is she? 
Me: Guess 
She: How can I guess? Tell me who is she? 

Me: You. 
She: Dhyat!! Ki baje katha bolchho? Bolo na ke? (Dhyat!! What rubbish! Tell me who is she) 
Me: Shotti bolchhi. (I am not lying) 
She: Dhur seta hoi naki? Ami tomar theke boro (That is not possible. I am older than you) 
Me: So what? Shakespeare’s wife too was older than him 

She started laughing and said 
She: Tomar sathe tarke para jabe na (difficult to win an argument with you) 
Me: Tahole chesta koro na (Then don’t try) 
We started laughing…. 

She suddenly paused and her attention was somewhere else. 
I asked: What happened? 
She: Chabita pete futchhe (the key is hurting my belly) 
Me: Ota okhane ki khujte gachhe (what is the key looking for there) 
I gave a wicked smile.. 

She: Ei! Baje katha bolo na. (Hey! Don’t talk rubbish) 
Me: Na jigesh korchhilam. Tumi ki upur hoye suye achho? (No just asking. Are you lying on your belly?) 
She: Yes. Keno? (Yes. Why?) 
Me: Na emni. Tomar ekta hath to phone arekta hath kothay? (No, just asking. One of your hands is holding the phone where is the other hand?) 

She: Buke (on the chest) 
This just came to me as a shock though my ears were expecting just this answer only. Something happened inside me. A shivering went across my body. 

After a pause.. 
Me: Okhane ki korchhe tomar hath? (What are your hands doing there?) 
She: Janina (I don’t know) 
Me: Ota to amar hather jayga (That is place for my hands) 
She: Dhyat! 

She gave a wicked smile. It really made me hot 
Me: Tomar galar awaj bhison sexy (your voice is very sexy) 
She: Tai? (really?) 
Me: Yes. 
I said pausing after each word: Tumio khishon sexy abosso (you too are very sexy for sure) 
She gave the same smile again and said: Tai naki? (really?) 

Me: Yes of course. 

We paused for a moment. As we were not speaking I could hear her breath getting a little heavier 

Me: Ki holo? Chup kore gale? (what happened? Why are you not speaking?) 
She: Kichhu na (nothing) 
Me: Can I kiss you? 
She didn’t answer.. after a while I smooched her on the phone 
Still she was silent. I could only hear her heavy breath. 

Me: Ki holo? Keu chumu khele seta feroth dite hoi (what happened? You know if someone smooches you you must return it back) She again gave a sexy smile making me hot and my dick had started taking its monster shape. She then gave me smooches. I smooch her back again and she returned back and we did this few times and she was constantly giving sexy smiles. Breaking this smooch series I said 
Me: Tomar hath ta ekhon kothay? (where is your hand now?) 

She: Tomar hather jaygay (it is where your hand is supposed to be) and she again gave that very special sexy and hot smile. 
Me: O tai? O okhane ki korchhe? (oo really? What is it doing there?) 
She: Jani na (Idont know) 
Me: Achha tumi ki pore achho? (what are you wearing?) 
She: Nighty 

Me: Ar bhitore? (and inside the nighty?) 
I meant undergarments. 
She: Jani na (I don’t know) 
Me: Achha tumi sab kathay jani na bolchho keno? Jani na mane ki “hnya”? (why are you answering “don’t know” to every question? Does that mean “yes”?) 
She: Jani na (I don’t know) 

I laughed and said: Ok bujhechhi (I understood) It was summer so it was obvious to have fewer cloths on body. I was just wearing shorts. 

Me: Amar ekhon ki ichhe korchhe jano? (Do you know what I am willing to do now?) 
She: ki? (what?) 
Me: Tomake ador korte. Tomake joriye dhore tomar galay, kane, gale, chokhe, kapale ar tar por thote anek khon dhore chumu khete. Tomar thot duto ke aste aste chuste (to cuddle wit you, kiss you all over on your neck, ear, cheeks, eyes, forehead and then your lips for a long time. Suck your lips slowly) 

There was silence for some time.. I could only hear her breath getting louder. I was already stroking my dick by that time, which had grown to full size. 

Me: Ami jodi ekhon tomar sathe thaktam tomar gaye nighty ta etokkhone ar thakto na (had I been there with you I would have removed the nighty by now) 
She: Chole esho tahole (then come over to me) 
Me: thik to? Chole ele tar porn na korebe na to? (are you sure that you will not refuse once I go there?) 

She: Na. Esho tar por ja khushi koro (No. Come and then do what ever you like) 
Me: Achha ekhon to ami nei tai tumi amar kaj ta karo (Ok. Since I am not there now you do my work) 
She: Ki? (what?) 
Me: Please nighty ta khule falo (please remove the nighty) 
She: No 
Me: Please 

She: Amar lojja kare na? (no I am shy) 
Me: Amar samne kiser lojja (why shy with me?) 
She: Na amar lojja kare (no I am shy) 
Me: Ami tomar sathe thakle ki korbe? (what will you do when we meet physically?) 
She: Sab light off kore debo (I will switch off all lights) 

Me: Ami korte dile to? (I won’t let you do that) 
She: Na ekdam na please. Sab light off kore debe. Amar lojja kore na? (No not at all. Please switch off all lights. I will feel shy otherwise) 
Me: Ok. Ekhon to ami nei. Ekhon to nighty ta kholo (Ok. Now I am not there. So at least take off the nighty now) 
She: No 

I pleaded her a lot… then she finally agreed and said: 
She: Tumi na pagol kore dichho amake. Hold karo (you are making me crazy. Hold on) 
And she removed the night and said 
She: Khule felechhi. Ebar thik acche to? (Ok pulled out the nighty. Is it ok now?) 
Me: Na. Aro kichhu korar achhe (No. There is more to do) 
She: Abar ki? (what else?) 

Me: Please ektu buke hath dao. Ami jani tomar nipple gulo shakto hoye achhe. Amar tomar dudu dutoke hate niye chatkate ichhe korche and nipple gulo ke chuste ichhe korchhe (Please place your hands on your boobs. I know your nipples are hard now. I am willing to hold your boobs in my hands and squeeze them and suck your nipples) 
She: Ufff!! tumi na pagol kore dichho (Uff!! you are making me crazy) 
Me: Please karo (Please do as I said) 

She was breathing quite heavy now and I could hear her moaning in a low voice. I know she was very hot now and so was I. I just hoped I was there with her. She was making me crazy for her. I was stroking my dick harder now pulling my foreskin up and down. The tip of my dick was wet with pre-cum. Though we were not talking, we were busy playing with each other. I was lying closing my eyes and hearing her moans and heavy breath. 

Me: Ki korchho? (what are you doing?) 
She: Tumi ki korchho? (what are you doing?) 
Me: Ami amar bnarata hate niye kachlachhi, otake tomar gude deoar jonno ready korchhi (I am stroking my dick and making it ready to put it inside your pussy) 
She: Isss ki baje bhasha (Isss… so rude language) 

Me: hahaha… Keno sunte bhalo laglona bujhi? Bnara and gud (Didn’t you like hearing these words? Dick and pussy) 
She: Ogulo rastar lokera bole (people who live on the streets say those words) 
Me: Jai balo. Tomar sunte bhaloi legechhe. Bnara ar gud (whatever you say you have like the words) 
She Jani na (I don’t know) 
And I knew what her “I don’t know” meant) 

Me: Tumi ki panty pore achho? (are you wearing panty) 
She: Yes 
Me: Otato to etokkhone bhije gachhe (I am sure the panty is already wet now) 
She: Jani na (I don’t know) 
Me: Ektu hath diye dakho na (please will you check it once) 
She: Tumi na pagol kore dichho… Uffff. (you are making me crazy.. ufff) 

She was moaning louder now and I knew she was already playing with her pussy 
Me: Ki holo dekhle? (what happened? Did you check?) 
She: Uff tumi na pagol kore dichho (you are making me crazy) 
Me: mmmmm… tumio to amake tomar jonno pagol kore dichho (mmm you are also making me crazy for you) 

Me: Panty ta khule falo na? (why don’t you pull the pany out?) 
She: Na 
Me: Please.. 
This time I didn’t insist much 

Both of us were moaning now and brathing heavily…. Her breaths were getting heavier and heavier, moaning were were getting louder suddenly and then soft again. She was extremely hot now. I was too. 

Me: Ki korchho? Katota bhije achhe tomar gud? Ras garache? (what are you doing? How much is yur pussy wet? Is it oozing juices?) 
She: Jani na (I don’t know) 
Me: mm 
She: Pagol kore dichho… Uffff. (you are making me crazy.. ufff) 
Me: mmmmmm sona ami tomar gude amar bnara ta dite chai. Nebe? (mm sweety I want to put my dick inside your pussy. Can I?) 

She: mmmmm ufffff ki korchho boloto? Pagol kore dichho (mmmm uffff. What are you doing man? You are making me crazy) 
Me: Ami aro pagol kore dite chai tomake. (I want to make you more crazy) 
She: Uffff… mmmm.. keno korchho erakam? (why are you doing this to me?) 
Me: keno bhalo lagchhe na? (Why? Are you not liking it?) 
She: Jani na ( I don’t know) 
Me: hmmm 

We paused talking for a while but kept on playing with ourselves. Head moans were loud, breath heavy. I was getting crazy. It was irresistible and I was just feeling like running to her. I kept stroking my dick. The tip was completely drenched with my pre-cum. 

Me: tomar hath ta ekhon kon jaygay? (where are your hands now?) 
She: okhane (there) 
Me: Upore hath bolachho? (rubbing your fingers over you pussy?) 
She: Yes 
Me: Pantyr upor diye? (over the panty) 

She: Na bhito hat dhukiye (No I have put my hand inside the panty) 
Me: Bhitore angul dhokabe? Bhison ichhe korchhe bnara take tomar gude dhukiye chudte (will you please put a finger inside your pussy? I am getting crazy to put my dick inside your pussy and fuck) 
She: Uffff.. pagol kore dichho 
Me: Ekta angul bhitore dhokaona please (please put a finger inside) 

She: Ufffff… 
Me: Amake tomar guder jaler awaj sonabe? (will you please let me hear the sound of your pussy juices?) 
She: Kemon kore? (how?) 

Me: tumi mobile ta okhane niye jao ar bhitore angul dhokao ar bar karo 
She: Naaaa (Nooo) 
Me: pleasse 
She: Ufff tumi na amake pagol kore debe (you will make me crazy) 
Me: Please sona (sweety) 

There was silence for some time. Then she did as I said. I could just hear a fain sound while she was putting her finger in and out. 
She: hoyechhe? (ok?) 
Me: yes 

She: tumi na amake pagol kore debe (you will simply make me crazy) 
Me: mm please tumi tomar angul ta tomar gude dhokao ar amar bnara ta ke feel karo (please keep your finger inside and feel my dick inside your pussy) 
She: na.. amar baire ta dolte beshi bhalo lage (I like rubbing it from outside more) 
Me: accha tomar ja bhalo lage karo (ok do whatever you feel best) 

I understood she was rubbing her clit now and she loves to rub her clit more that rubbing inside the pussy.There was silence for some time now. With only her and mine moaning sounds.. Uffff. Mmm….. I had closed my eyes and I was stroking my dick fast now. She was moaning and breathing very heavy. I sensed she was about to cum as her breath was getting uneven and out of rhythm. My condition was also very bad now. Her moaning were erotic and her uneven breath and the feeling of her getting close to cum was making me crazy. 

Both of us were breathing heavily and moaning…. Mmmm uffff…. Our eyes were closed and we were close to reaching heaven. It was absolutely a different feeling from having real sex. Shear imagination. I was just trying to visualize what she is doing now and thinking I was really fucking her now in missionary position lying over her, holding her in arms, kissing her lips and pushing my dick deep inside her. 

Her breath was very heavy now. In a low voice she was was saying aaahhh … aahhh.. aahhhh…. And gradually that stopped and I could only hear her heavy and uneven breath. I understood she came. I too could not take it anymore and put my hand over the tip of my dick as I was about to ejaculate. I was breathing heavy and with a sound ahhhhhhhh I ejaculated in my hands. 

My hand was full of thick cum. She was quiet now. She too understood that I came. I went to the toilet holding the phone in one hand. Cleaned my dick and pissed. She was hearing all these silently. I came back to bed and asked her are you ok? She said “Yes. After a long time” I knew what she meant. We were not talking much just holding the phone in our hand. I was wondering what I did. It was a new experience. It was wonderful and unimaginable. I had never thought of such an experience. 

I saw the watch. It was already reading 4:00 AM. I said “Don’t you have work tomorrow?” She said “Yes. But now I want to go to the restroom”. An idea struck my mind. I said ok but take the cell phone along with you. She refused but I persuaded her. She agreed. She too did all that I did in the restroom. Washed her pussy and the pissed. I heard the hissing sound while she was peeing. 

She returned back to her bed and said: Tumi ekta pagol (you are crazy). I laughed asked did you like what we did? She said yes and smooched. I returned her back. Then we wished good night to each other and disconnected the phones. Friends, this was my experience on phone. The real experience was even more erotic. I will share that next time. Your comments can encourage me to write more. Write to me at I will wait for your mails.


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