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Sex With Adopted Sister

Hi to all my friends who love to read incest story. I am Ravi from Mumbai 22 age 6ft tall good looking average body I am going to tell you a real incident which change my whole life it all happen last month of Aug 2010. We are four member in our family my dad mom me and my step sister I came to know that she is my step sister when I was 10 my dad told me that she is yr step sister because when I born mom was in pain and doctor suggest to my dad that she can’t give birth to a another child so my parents adopted a baby girl 

Her name is Anita she is now 20 studying in girls college at Churchgate we never use to treat her as she is adopted girl mom love her very much and even dad we all live as a good family. Every Sunday we play cards only me my dad and Anita mom don’t know how to play so she is quite busy with her TV shows while playing some one knocked the door Anita open the door and it was my uncle he was very happy excited he said that we have won the village case and we have to leave to village soon to distribute all the assets 

So everyone will get there shares dad mom was very happy and decided to leave that night only but then mom said how we can go Anita college is there we can’t leave Anita home alone then I said mom you don’t worry I will stay here you go because you and dad has to sign the papers without your signature the paper can’t be submitted forward then dad said ok you and Anita stay here will be back soon but we can’t say when 

And the next day morning they went away and after some time Anita went away for college and I was all alone so I started watching TV but after an hour I was getting bore so I put on my laptop and started checking my mail in my mail box I received one mail from an unknown person I open the mail and there was a link I just click the link and one story was open in front of me first I ignore it who will read such a big story I was about to close I just seen the headline of the story it was written sex with sister I was shocked to read that and went away 

After some time I came back in my mind all that was going on about that line sex with sister and finally I started reading that story first it was like boring but middle of the story I started enjoying it there was an hard on in my short after 20min my mind was totally changed the story was going in my mind I was not able to concentrate on my work I just went to toilet and started shaking my cock after 10 min I got relief but the story was still in my mind. At 5pm Anita came home I was setting on chair when she was going to her room I was looking at her and started thinking about the story 

1st I said no its wrong but then I thought when he can have sex with her sister then why can’t I have sex with Anita as she is not my real sister from that day I just started starring at Anita try to find change to touch her but then I thought whatever I have to do I must do it first because if mom and dad will come back I won’t be able to do anything I called Anita and said Anita don’t prepare food today we will go out for dinner and we will go for a movie as it is you have holiday tomorrow is Sunday she said ok and she went to change her clothes. 

I followed her she close the door and I was peeping from the key hole to see Anita. I can’t able to see it properly only thing I can see was her half naked legs but that was enough for me and then we went for dinner in Colaba there is one hotel where we get separate cabin type table I took her there so no one can see us she was sitting in front of me she was in jeans and t-shirt she love tight fitting clothes first I don’t like it when she wear such cloth but now I loved it we order the food now I want a topic that how I seduce her first I just try to touch her legs with mine she look at me and said Ravi put your large behind I said sorry and after 5min again I did that but this time she did not said any thing 

I was just looking at her while eating my food she notice me and ask what happen Ravi is there any problem from when I am seeing that you are looking at me is there any problem Ravi I said no again she ask me no you tell me finally I said Anita I will let you know later now just go we have to see the movie also but she said no we will go home we will watch movie on cable I said fine and we went home as we reached home she went to change I rush behind her to see her again even this time I have seen her half naked legs only 

I was upset that I can’t make it out so I went to my room for a smoke I was standing at the balcony and having a smoke I got an idea how to seduce her I went to her room she was on her bed she ask me what happen I said Anita I have one ? to ask she said what I said I want to know what is incest she said even I don’t know she said find it on Google I said I can’t find it so she said wait I will find for you and she went in my room 

And I was in her room after some time she came back she said Ravi I even can’t find it you better go to your room and sleep I went away at around 1am in night I heard some sound I went to find from where the sound is coming it was coming from my sister room I was shocked when I came to know Anita was watching a adult movie on TV I was happy that my idea work I went back to my room and started masturbating thinking about Anita 

Next day it was Sunday Anita was preparing breakfast for us I went to kitchen and staring at her hot ass she was in her short at least for 5min she turn back and caught me while staring at her I ask her Anita what time you gone to sleep last night she ask me why I said I heard some sound from your room she was speechless I said Anita I know you was watching a adult movie she said no I was sleeping I said don’t lie and went closer to her and hold her hand 

And took her to her room made her sit on her bed and I kiss her hand she said what are you doing Ravi I said just don’t stop I know even you want something like this she said no I don’t want I said ok let see if I kiss you do you feel something I kiss her and she said yes Ravi I am feeling something inside me I was moving my hand all over her body she closed her eyes and I came to know now she is ready for some fun slowly 

I kiss her tummy she moaned aahhhh ohhh and I kiss her lips even she was responding my act now she was getting hot. She said Ravi it’s not right we can’t do this I said of course we can do this I bought my laptop and show her that story she was reading the story and I was busy pressing her boobs I remove her t shirt now she was in her black bra and short I was kissing her back and was searching for my cock I remove my short and my 9inch cock was in her hand she turn back to me and started sucking my cock 

I was not in my sense she suck my cock for 10min she was trying to eat my cock. I pick her up and put her on the bed and I remove her short and started kissing her pussy she moaned hhaaaa oohhhhh do it Ravi lick my pussy like that I was in heaven I lick her pussy for 20 min and then I was on anita then I started licking her boobs she was hhaaaa oohh good and then we started kissing each other the room was getting hot then she came upon me and started kissing my whole body with her tough then we change our position and we was doing 69 position for 10 min and finally I try to insert my rod in her hot pussy she started screaming she said 

Ravi its paining I got some Nivea cream and applied on my cock as well as on her pussy and then again try to insert this time it was not too much difficult. My rod was invisible in her pussy and I started pumping and Anita was moaning aahhhhh hhhhoo fuck me Ravi do it faster she was bleeding and I fuck her forcefully after 15min I was going to cum I said Anita I am ready to shoot she said pls Ravi don’t shoot inside I remove my cock and put it in Anita mouth and I drop all y sperm in her mouth she drunk all the drop of my sperm I was tried then she said Ravi even I am going to cum pls drink my cum so 

I went down and started drinking her cum and we went to sleep she was naked I got up after 2hours and wake Anita she got up cant able to walk she went to bathroom fresh her up and came back I ask her do you like it she smile and kiss my lips and said Ravi I really love it, That night again we had a hot sex but this time I fuck her ass she was hhhhaaaaaaa ohhhh Ravi do it faster and after some time she drunk my cum and I have drunk her cum from that day we have sex when ever no one is there at my place, Please let me know how you like my sex life with my sister on

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