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Sex With The Adibasi Girl

Hi all sex loving ladies and aunties, guys, girls. I m new to this room. Since I started liking this site I think I have to share my experience with all sex loving people. I’m Anu, my age 30,male,fair, I will share my first sex experience from a remote village of Bengal. From my childhood I studied from hostel and did know about sex. 

When I was in hostel that time during the monsoon holidays I went to my home. We had lot of cows in our house and I used to go to the field to graze the cows. A lot of boys and girls of my age also come from our villages and the adjacent village. Some of them are the Adibasi they live outsides our village and used to earn their food by growing cattle’s one of the girls among them was very attractive. Her name was Chilli she had big apples like boobs. She used to wear frocks which used to be very tight fit for her. 

And the big boobs always trying to tear open the frock. Whenever I saw her I could not be able to remove my eyes from her breast. She also knows that I had a eye on her boobs. She told me not to dare touch her breast. One day my friend Runchu who was also Adibasi told me that he will help me to fuck Chilli if I give him five rupees. So next day I give Runchu five rupees and ask him to talk to chili. 

But when the other day I asked Chilli if Runchu give her money she told no. then she asked me why? I told her that I love her. Then she told nothing to me. Next morning I go to the bank of river for grazing the cattle and Chilli also came there. Suddenly the rain started. We both take shelter beneath a banyan tree. But she got wet totally. As she did not wear any inner bra or blouse her nipples came out. I saw her beautiful nipple piping out from inside it was clearly visible. A black mole on the side of her right nipple makes her too beautiful. 

I could not control myself to see the beauty. She saw that but did not tell me anything. She fold her both hand into her breast and tried to warm herself. As the place of shelter was very congested my elbow touched her boobs. I feel like heaven. A flow of high voltage from her body started to flow to my body through my elbow. My heart beats abnormally. She heard my heartbeat and raises her face for a while to see me. My eyes were on her busty mango. 

With her hand she closed my eye. As soon as she touch me I like lost my consciousness. I took her on my arm and started kissing her big wet lips. She pressed her body against my chest, and started hissing. I tried to press her boos with my hand but she removes my hand and told me it is against the culture of Adibasi to press the boobs of a woman. I asked him if I can kiss on her boobs .she said yes. I slowly open the back hook of her frock and pull down the frock up to the elbow level her beautiful apples like boobs jump outside.

My eyes get wider. It was like two small tilas in a wavy land. The sexy mole on her right boobs looks like a jewel /. I slowly started rubbing my nose tip to the nipples. I kissed her nipples like a mad. My blood pressure tried to rise up and up. She gently moves her hand on my back. And ask me please do not do this more otherwise I will die. I asked her if she enjoying the things. She told she can’t explain the things. 

Because ever did not have such kind of fillings. I slowly started leaking her mighty boobs. In the touch of my tongue she shivered and pressed my mouth against her boobs. She pressed harder and harder. I asked her if she had sex with anybody before. She told me not to ask the dirty things. I know she did not know exactly what sex is. I put my both hand inside her panty and started pressing her little tombs. There were no fats at all. I started rubbing my hand into her ass. I feel the canal of her ass. 

I tried to put my finger inside the ass. But it was too tight. My mouth was playing with her boobs and my hand with her tummy. She only holds me tight and rubbed her body into my mouth. Then I tried to put my hand on her breast. First I only rub my hand on her breast. Then I squeeze the nipple with two fingers. She felt the heat and jumped. Her mouth touches my mouth. I kissed on her cheeks ad lips. Then to her eye and in thru hair. She almost got faint and started kissing me. I put my tongue inside her mouth and started leaking her mouth. 

I rub my tongue into her root of teeth and below her tongue. It arises a lot of sex in her body. She started rubbing her waist into my thighs. I put my leg above the root of the tree through in between her legs. She almost sat on my thigh and start rubbing herself against my thigh. My penis from inside my pant also got rubbed by her thigh. Then I put my hand on her breast and tried to hold. As I started squeezing her boobs she pull me out and ask why I m pressing her boobs? If she allows me to do that then she will not get married. Even her husband will not have the permission to squeeze her boobs. 

I told her if I press her boobs with my hand then she will feel more sex. She told me that she does not want to have sex with me. I asked then why she allows me to kiss her. She told she feels very good when we did that that is why she allows me. It was almost 2 hours. The rain had been stopped. She wanted to go alone because we saw our friends were coming closer to us with their cattle. So we departed to the opposite direction. In that night I could not sleep. I thought I had done mistake by not fucking her. 

I should have fucked her in those two hours. I thought if I got another chance then first I will insert my penis into her vagina first. As usual next day I go early. But I saw Chilli was already there. She came to me and asked what you have done to me? I said what happened. She then raises her frocks above the waist and shows me her panty. The portion of the panty covering her cunt was got starched. She told me that when she goes to urine yesterday after that she saw her panty was wet with some liquid coming out of her vagina. She thought it was urine and will dry up but when it dried up it got harder. 

I show her my frenchie. It was also in the same condition. I told her that I have to check what that is by taking smell of that. Then I bring my nose near her panty, near the pussy and smell it. The fragrance of her leak off filled in my nose. Through the nose the sweet smell goes to my sternum. With fraction of a second my penis releases the water into my frenchie. She saw that and laughed. She told me that I did not have shame to urine in the pant. I told her that it is not urine. It call hormone. If she smells it then she can understand. Then she sat down and took the smell. 

As soon as she brings her nose to my penis it jumps and touches her mouth. All the liquid spread on her lips. She told me it is like the fishy water smell. She also likes it. Because by this smell her pussy also get wet. Suddenly we saw our friends coming. She put her frock down and I put on my pants. When our entire friend came we decided to play water game. One has to touch the player of opposite team underwater to earn a point. We both were in opposite team. When I catch her under water I put my finger inside her vagina. She got angry and told she will not play. Then she goes further along the bank of river. 

After a few minutes I also followed her. When I meet her in the turning of the river she was sitting alone. I sat on her side; hold her hand and say sorry. She told me that she also could not sleep yesterday. She wanted to do the same things again. I told her that I also wanted to do that. Then we move to the river. There were too many bushes of water born trees. We both enter inside one of them so that nobody can make out us. The water level was about the waist level. 
She holds me with both her hands at once and started kissing me relentlessly. I also started rubbing her boobs against my chest. 

I put my hands inside her panty and tried to find the pussy. Slowly I move my hands towards her cunt I feel her lips of vagina. I started rubbing her cunt there was no hair grown. It was too soft to be roughed. She started mourning in joy. She closed her eyes. The pleasure of sex was clearly visible in her face. My heart clearly feels her beets. She went wild when I rub her clitoris with my finger. Leave me the son of a bitch. She hissed. Why does u make me so mad? I want to go inside u. please press me more and more. I can see the heaven. U dirty dog where did u stay so many years? 

Why did not u come to me before? She started tearing my shirt with her nail in the back of mine and tried to press me against her boobs with all her strength. If u opens your frock and panty u will feel more pleasure. I told her. She hissed ‘’then why don’t u open my frock yesterday?’’ I open her frock quickly. The mighty and sexy but steady boobs started smiling. I jump into those sexy fruits and started sucking them. She almost cried to me ‘’please do something to put off my fire. Otherwise I will die. 

My penis which was 7 inch long and 3 inch in dia (which I was measured in the hostel with a scale and a rope) was ready to tear off my cheap cotton pant. I slowly remove her hand from my back and place her hand inside my pant. The hot and soft rod made of blood, skin and fat muscle was enough to give her jerk, to raise her blood pressure double. She started rubbing my cock. she then force open my pant to see the cock of a man first time in her life. I was about to release when she started to open and close my cock tip. I insert my finger in her pussy. 

It was very tight. She jumped in joy,ohhhhhhhhh.o’’ooom,leave me please, remove your finger quickly otherwise I will go mad she cried. In the joy of the moment she pull my pant and tear it my cock unplugged in her hand her eyebrow raised as she saw the big hammer. “I want to eat it. Am i?”she asked. Let us move to the out of water ‘’ I said. Then we moved to the bank and I told her to lie down in the mud. She lied down in the mud nude the ancient black beauty rises to the classical she was too cute to describe. 

Her boobs were tensed towards the sky as like two beautiful rose bud thirsted for the dew her hidden cunt was peeping through her thighs she tried to cover the pussy by crossing her legs. I was totally spellbound after seeing her curves. I sat in between her legs by parting them. I widen apart her pussy. By that time it was wet. The fluid starts come out from her pussy. The sexy smell filled in my heart. 

I saw two small holes in her cunt the above one like a triangle and the lower one a rough circle those two were like two rat holes in the centre of a river. Then I further move upside. I saw the round portion where two lips of her pussy met each other and formed a safe corner where the beautiful clitoris was live safe it was like a small pea made up of meat. I gently touch it. She protested by her hand and screamed. My greediness rises. I start sucking her clitoris. She put her leg round my neck and presses hard my face into her pussy. 

I started playing with my teeth by gently chewing her clit. She pushed her waist from down again and again. Then I push my tongue inside her vagina. And start leaking. she started her waist motion faster and faster. A salty juice came out from her cunt. As soon as it goes inside my mouth my sense goes out. I relived myself from her grip and raise her leg into my shoulder. Her pussy gets wide open. I tried to push my rod inside her gene. 

But in vain every time it slips and rubbed into the clit and touched her navel. She went mad she picked up mud with her hands and started rubbing in my back. Then I asked her to hold my cock in the mouth of her pussy straight. Then I pushed my cock with a jerk into her ouucch she cried in pain but then hold me strong inside her. I tried to pullout but she did not allow me as she hold my waist with her cross leg. Unable to give to and fro motion I started rolling my pen inside her cunt. 

My balls started rubbing against her thighs. She started hissing.’’ Give more inside, press it hard. Please deep inside more. Please ‘’ I tried to give to and fro motion. She loosen her hold. My penis goes up and down . After five minutes with a jerk she hold me tightly and start releasing. I again started the circling faster and faster. My strength ultimately give up when she tried to milk out my pennies by pressing from both side by her leg. 

She closed her eyes in satisfaction. I too release myself above her keeping pennies inside her cunt. We lied down about for 20 minutes to regain the strength to stand. I kissed her and sat down. A mixture of white and red fluid floated around the mud. I gently finger out the mixture from her vagina. 

Please hold my hand. I can’t stand’’ she smiled in joy. As soon as I hold her she pulled me down. Then she pulled me down and sat on my thighs. Then started fondling with my gen. I pulled her above me and started kissing her lips. Hammaaaaaaaaa’’the lovely bull of her started calling her. 
She replied ‘’coming ,wait for a minute” 

Then we both goes inside the water, collected our dresses and started cleaning each other. She hold my cock many times and kissed it. I too cleaned her boobs ,ass, and pussy suddenly with a sound of feet we both turned back towards the bank and saw he is watching us, the bull. May he also seeing his mistress first time naked. 

This is a true experience of mine, and this is also first time I write in this platform. Please friends and aunties write me how it is? My address is I like to have sex with older. My clients are all very reputed and gentle. Secrecy and honesty is my policy. Please readers send me your feelings.

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