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Pleasure With My Close Friend

Hi all, my name is Ananya. I am a hostelite in pune. This is my first story on ISS. I have done my college from pune itself and now working as software professional. I had a great friend circle of my college friends, office friends and other friends. Since childhood, I was not too much friendly with girls. I always liked to play with boys because the games that girls used to play never interested me. So I always had guys around me. 

When I grew up, the girl-talk never fascinated me, so even in college n office, I was surrounded by boys. I have few close friends from my college who are still in touch with me. We all meet every weekend and enjoy a lot. We party every Saturday and play some game like, volley ball or tennis or badminton on sundays. The story that I am going to narrate started on such a sunday. Let me tell you about my structure. I am about 5’7″ tall, 36-28-36 and my features are somewhat like bipasha basu. Though I am a bit fair than bipasha, my friends usually tease me by calling her name. 

I have been told many times that my boobs are the best thing in my body. It adds beauty to my appearance. I also have received sex invitations from some of my friends but I always turned them down. I used to think that they say it because of the effect of alcohol. Ok, coming to the actual story now.. One winter Sunday, we all planned for a Badminton game. The court was booked for whole day, so we booked it for night. 8-10. 

It was night, so some of my mates opted out and there were only 3 of us to play. Sam, Aditya n me. I did a big mistake that day, I couldn’t find a good track suit so I wore shorts n a tight T-shirt. We all played nicely and were about to leave. As it was late night, the club was almost empty. Aditya went out of the court to drink water. I was in the court with Sam. As I was collecting my things in the bag, Sam came behind me and pressed my boobs hard. 

I turned around to scold him but suddenly he grabbed me with my waist n neck and kissed me on my lips. He was biting my lips. I tried to get away, but his hold was so tight that I coulden’t move. Finally I hit my badminton racket on his leg and he left me. I slapped him and left the club without a word. While I drove home back, I got a call from Aditya asking that why did I leave without saying anything? But I couldn’t tell him anything. I didn’t want to spoil his relationship with Sam. 

When I got home, I got a text from sam’hey babes, it felt really awesome touching your boobs today. They r so soft. I wish I could press them again I didn’t reply anything to that msg as I was still under shock. After some time, the next text ‘lemme tel u one thing, you tastes totally great. These were the best lips I hv ever tasted you r amazing. Wanna taste you again.’ I did not reply to this one as well. Then again a text,’would u mind if I ask u for something? Wanna suck your lips n boobs hard. Wanna eat those melons. 

They must be wonderful. He was getting bold by each text msg. Then again next msg,’pls say something babes. you are making me horney. When you was playing today, it was the best view. your boobs were bouncing n jumping. I wanted to grab them then n there.’ Again no reply from my side. He sent next text,’would u let me suck u al over? Pls babes, just once. I will give u pleasure of the heaven. I need u badly. When I kissed u today, it was the heavenly feeling you were sweet n salty, wet with sweat. 

You were looking amazing man. Pls lemme suck you babes. I was shocked to see these kinds of msgs from my close friend. Again, he got bolder U r driving me crazy. If u felt so good in one kiss, u gotta b amazing in bed. Wud u like to hv me in ur bed?? I wud love to fuck u. Ummm.. Wanna taste ur cunt babes.. Feel u all over me.. Suck n lick ur body. Want u to feel me deep inside you. Wanna fuck u hard n wild. Say yes babes.

I want you badly. Now this was too much for me.. I called him up n scolded him. How could he talk to me this shit?? Afterall I was his close friend.. But he was in no mood of understanding. He was horney.. He said, “i know I m ur friend. That is the reason I controlled myself all these days. But today, I got aroused by ur body. I can’t control myself now. I don’t wanna b ur bf. I m just asking for one night. Just one night babes. I know u didn’t like it today. But I promise u will like it. Just let me do it once. Just once. I can’t stop thinking of u. 

Would you believe if I tel u that I m masterbating 3rd time in last 2 hours thinking of u. My dick wants ur hand to relax. It wants to rest in your cunt. Pls pls pls. Lets fuck once. I need u babes. Pls say yes..” 
I said, “to hell with u n ur need sam. Just go to hell n find someone else to fuck. I m not the one..” After this day, I got many texts from him to convince me. But I never said yes. To tell u about sam… Sam is a handsome guy. 6’2″ tall with athlete body. He was a basket ball champion in school n college. He is one of his kind. 

Very sexy, likes to party hard, drinks wild n he has had many one night stands. To be precise, he is the hunk that any girl will fall for him. Days passed away. One fine day, after a month or so, we all had planned for an outing.. Our whole group was there. Some of our friends had brought their BFs n GFs as well along with them. It was 2 days outing on a beach. We had a beach resort booked there. We left from pune Friday night and reached the destination on Saturday morning. 

All were so excited about this trip. Before going to the resort, we all went in the sea. All were playing in the water. I was with Aditya all the time. I avoided going even closer to Sam. Me n Aditya were done with the play so we came out and sat on the shore watching everyone n talking.. We are close to each other so he had put his hand on my shoulder n I was resting on him. It was a hectic journey. As we were talking, Sam came out and said jokingly, ‘what r u upto guys? 

Adi, u r not thinking anything bad about her, are you?’ Adi just smiled n told him its nothing like that. And it seriously was not like that between Adi n me. He was always a good friend. He never looked or touched me in a diiffrent way. We all went to the resort after everyone was tired. We got fresh and left to roam the city. To roam more confortably, we had hired bikes. I was with Adi obviously n Sam was with another friend. 

We enjoyed a lot that day. After sunset, it was party time. We went to the disc and Adi n I were the first to hit the dance floor. Sam was the first to hit the Bar. I was a bit tired so I went to the bar counter to get a drink. Sam was glued to the bar counter. He never came to the floor which was quite unusual. He saw me coming n ordered a drink for me.. I love vodka with a drop of lemon in it. Sam knew that. I said thanks for the drink. 

I was just going back to the floor when he called me n told me to accompany him for a while. I agreed n stayed back. He never talked about that incident. We were drinking n chatting about old days. He said he was very upset when I stopped talking to him after that incident. But now he was feeling better because we were chatting like buddies. I asked him to join the floor with me. He readily agreed. We gulped our drinks n hit the dance floor. 

We used to be known the best dancing couple on the floor. We put the floor on fire. He said he didn’t come to the floor because I was not with him. And he is happy to get his dancing partner back. I smiled at him took him to the floor. The night had just begun. All were very happy to see us together after many days.. We wete dancing for almost 5 hours.. Sam was happy to get me back.. We drank a lot and danced even more. We were now fully drunk and tired. We needed to go back to the hotel. I asked Adi n Sam to pack up the party and go back. 

He agreed quickly as he was also very tired. We all went to the hotel. It was 2 am in the night. All went to their respective rooms and slept. I was so exhusted but couldn’t sleep. I came out in the balcony which was facing the sea shore. I saw that someone was there on the beach. Sitting alone.. When I saw properly, it was Sam. I thought of going to him. I went on the beach. He was looking in the sea. Lost in thoughts. I sat next to him. He looked at me aind smiled a little. And again kept gazing at the moon. 

I asked him what was wrong? He just nodded to say nothing. I again asked him what happened. I saw a line of pain on his face. But he said nothing. I knew for sure now that something was bothering him. I again told him that he has to tell me what is bothering him. He spoke for the first time. “i m so sorry anu.. Pls forgive me. I said, ” all is fine now Sam. You dont hve to be sorry, He said, “Anu, this one month was very hard. I thought I lost my best friend forever. But thanks for today. It was really very nice to be together like buddies. 

I dont want to lose u Anu. I want u to b with me forever as my close friend. Just because of one stupid reason I almost had lost u. Promise me u wil never go away.. I cant live without my best friends. U n Adi r my life. Nobody knows the real Sam but u two. Promise me Anu.”He was crying like a child.. I couldn’t see him like that. I promised him that I wil never go away. He was very happy to hear this from me. He smiled and hugged me tight. He said thanks for being with him. I also hugged him back. We were in each other’s embrace for so long. 

Suddenly, I felt something for him. May b alcohol effect. I tightened my hands around his neck and got closer to him. He also pulled me closer.. I left a sigh as he pulled me. He broke the hug and looked in mt eyes. He then kissed me on my forehead. I didn’t push him back. I closed my eyes. He held my face in his hands and kissed me gently in my lips. I just put my hands around his neck. He got the signal that I wanted him today.. 

He threw away all the gentleness and kissed me hard.. He was biting my lips and sucking them hard.. He then inserted his tongue in my mouth and explored all the places. His one hand slid down to my waist. He pulled me closer and other hand started fondling my breasts. I kissed him back with equal passion and moaned as he pressed my boob. We continued to kiss for I don’t know how long.. He kept on pressing my boobs. I was getting aroused now. 

He then moved further.. I had worn short skirt that day. So he was caresing my thighs. Then he took my leg and put it around his waist. We were so close to each other but still we wanted to be more close to him. I wrapped my other leg on his waist as well. I held him so tight an kissed him hard.. He broke the kiss now and we hugged again.. He licked my ear and came down to my boobs licking my neck.. He put his palm just above my boobs and pushed me back while his other hand was supporting me from my waist.. My back was arched and I was lying back. 

He lifted my T-shirt and touched my skin on my navel.. He carssed and kissed me there and licked my belly button.. I got aroused by this and got up to kiss him.. But he again pushed me back and kept on licking my belly.. Meanwhile, he put his one hand on my boobs and started pressing it hard.. His other hand was still supporting my back.. He was done with licking my belly now. So he lifted me up and kissed me again.. God… I was feeling great. 

We broke the kiss and I lifted his T-shirt and felt his body.. His chest, his abs, his back. I pulled off his T and looked at his bare chest.. Man.. He is truly a hunk. What a body.. I continued feeling his body and kissing on his neck, chest and teasing his nipples.. He was loving it.. He was moaning hard because of my sucking. He then parted me from him and pulled my T off my body.. I was there in my bra and my short skirt.. 

He dig his face in my boobs and started sucking it. Bra was the main problem in sucking my boobs. He unhooked my bra and made my boobs free from that bra.. He kept on looking at my juicy breasts and looked in my eyes. Then there was no end. He sucked me, licked me, bit me. He was so wild. I was feeling pain, but pleasure took hold on pain and I started enjoying it.. I held his head and pulled him more close. He was literally eating me. 

I was still sitting around his waist. My legs were wrapped to his waist. I could feel his cock all set beneath my cunt. He caressed my thighs while he ate me.. He moved his hands from my knees to my ass.. He pressed my ass hard. He then made my legs straight and pulled down my skirt alongwith the panties.. He also pulled down his shorts and made me sit like earlier.. My legs wrapped to his waist.. His cock was rock hard.. I sat there and he kissed me with all the passion. 

I kissed him back in ecstacy. He pushed me back making my back arched.. And moved his hands all over me. As my back was arched, my boobs were standing like mountains.. This aroused him more and held my waist n pulled me closer to his cock.. I was breathing heavily. He put his hands in my cunt and started to tease my clitoris. I was now moaning and pressing my boobs in ecstacy. My pussy was hell wet.. And he was teasing me.. Finally he stopped and stood on his knees. 

My legs were still wrapped his waist. He made me lie on that sand and pulled my cunt closer to his dick. He put his cock on my love hole opening and pushed it in. I screamed in pain. His dick was so big.. He lied on me and kissed me. Within a moment, my pain faded away. He again tried to push it inside. This time I tried to cover my scream with a loud moan.. He pushed it again. He started pushing it more.. My pain had now taken over by passion and pleasure.. I was loving his each stroke inside me.. His cock was all inside me now. 

He moaned in pleasure. I moaned in ecstacy. His strokes were incteasing.. He was becoming wild.. He kept on throbbing me for so long.. He lied on me to eat my melons.. I kept my hands on his neck. I got up as he did and made him lie down. I wanted to ride my hunk. He closed his eyes and I started to ride him. Meanwhile I was moving my hands all over his upper body.. We fucked for so long.. I felt a shivering sensation in my spine and I held his shoulders tightly. I knew I was at my climax.. But he was still inside me.

He got up and made me lie down.. I guess he was also cuming.. He started throbbing me hard.. He fucked the hell out of me in those last few mins. Finally he pulled his dick out and spread his semen on my belly. I was exhausted and so was he.. We lied there for sometime.. It was feelining so nice to lie there on sand and listen to the waves.. For the first time in this whole session we spoke.. He said, ” 

Lets get dressed. 

I said, ” yes, we need to go back to our rooms.” We went to our respective rooms. I slept in peace. Next morning he came to me and said, “Anu last night was wonderful.. Thanks for the pleasure.. But I couldn’t sleep thinking what might happen in the morning. I am sorry if u didn’t like it. ” I said nothing.. He said again, “Anu pls say something.. You won’t break your promise, will u?” I said, “Sam, I won’t break my promise. I will always be with you. You are a sweetheart.. I was very happy to see that I mean a lot to you.. Thanks..” 

He said nothing.. Just a sigh of relief. I said, “this was the best holiday of my life. I got to know u even better. If u feel like coming closer to me, do not hesitate.. I wud love to share the pleasure..” and I smiled. He was silent for a moment then he said, I love you Anu, will u be mine for ever? I want u to be with me for my entire life. I don’t want anyone else to touch u. Please b mine Well, what I said is a secret.. But Adi, Sam n me are still best friends. And I love my friends Please give me your feedbacks on the story –

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