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My Sex Encounter With Manju - Part I

Hi ISS Readers, I am Rajesh, 28 years old, fair, 5 feet 6 inch height, normal built, unmarried. I have been reading stories for the last 9 years in this website and I am proud to write my first experience which had happened few years back.I am working for a MNC based out of Bangalore and my profile is such that I have to travel to Chennai and Mumbai very often for business visits. 

The below narrated incident has happened in one such instance with my fellow colleague who was working based out of Chennai. My colleague name was Manju and she happened to be my best friend in office through phone and both used to share our likes, dislikes, career growth options and so on. She joined in this company earlier 2008 and I used to be her best friend through too many official trainings that I have provided to her on various functionalities of different systems. 

When I visited Chennai, we have agreed to meet once and to go out for dinner post office hours. We visited on a Friday as per our plan and went out for dinner. Believe me; till I meet her in person I had a different opinion about her. After seeing her, my thoughts got distracted to an extent. Her figures were quite seductive. 34 – 30 – 36 and wheatish in color with 5 feet 2 inch height. 

We had a decent chat on our first occasion ended that day with a hand shake.From the next day, I could feel few changes in the way she talks. I asked her about the uncomfortableness and she told me that she liked me a lot. I told her that even I liked her but its not love since I was in love with sm1 for the last 5 years. She was little disappointed on hearing this and told me that she loves me a lot. I told her that I will not be able to accept her proposal. 

She took few days to come out from the shock and later she started talking to me very officially. Only about office things: and stopped discussing other personal stuffs. In the meantime, my project didnt get launched as per schedule and it has been extended for a month’s time in which I have been forced to stay in my friend’s house (some other friends of mine). After several discussions I convinced her that we will be friends forever. 

She told me one day that she wanted to meet me once again but not for lunch / dinner but for a talk. We planned for the meeting and due to some local strike it was holiday at chennai and we were planned to meet near my friend’s house in a park. Due to some personal work, I informed a day before to her stating that we will not be able to meet as scheduled. 

She started to cry on the phone and told me that she wanted to meet me desperately and told that she will whatever she can do to meet me but she dont want to miss the opportunity. Trick started playing in my mind and I asked her in fun whether is she really ready to do whatever I want to do. She stopped crying and said in a firm voice ‘yes’ she is ready. I made sure that she understood the questions in right aspect for which she said she will sleep with me if I want. 

This made me very clear that she will go to any extends to meet me. I am not a fool to miss this golden opportunity and postponed my personal work for a while and told her that we will meet as per our plan but with one condition which is she has to come to my friend’s house instead of the park which we have planned earlier. I asked her to come in saree and our plan was to meet at 7 am in the morning since my friends who were staying in that house used to go on early shifts and no one will be there on that time. 

The day has arrived and it was raining heavily. She called me sharp by morning 6am and made sure that my friends have left to work. I informed her that yes they have started and its time for u to start if u have to reach here at 7am. She called me again at 6:45am and told me that she has reached the railway station and asked me the directions to reach my friend’s house. I gave her the directions and avoided to go out to pick her in person since it was raining heavily. 

Finally she reached my friend’s house with little difficulties in an auto and entered the door. I welcomed her and closed the door. Fun begins from here. I am a person who dont want to rush up everything immediately and I know the timings by when my friends will come home. I asked her to stand still for a while and smiled at her and had a glance on her from top to bottom. She was quite stunning with the saree that she was wearing which was little deep tied below her navel (may be 1 inch). She felt little shy of my looks on the private areas. 

I wanted her to be little comfortable before I could start of. Made her to sit in the sofa and served her some water and asked her whether she was really ready for what is going to happen. She gave me a terrifying look telling that she has come all the way along to please me with my desires and told me that she wanted to have sex even if she doesnt get chance to live her life as my wife. I was happy to hear this and asked her where to start. 

She said I am all yours for the next 4 hours and does whatever you want to do. I knew that she was virgin till now since she was little conservative and will not speak to many guys who wanted so flurt. I sat next to her and touched her hip in the place which was not covered by saree and she hissed a little. I moved my hand in that area for a while and turned her towards me for a lip lock. She closed her eyes and moved her face towards my face. I gave her gentle kiss first for which she hugged me madly and then a deep lip kiss. 

She responded back well for that kiss even she found little difficult in learning it later she has started to inserted her tongue in my mouth and we enjoyed tongue kiss for about 5 to 10 minutes.  Later, I just lifted my hand which was still there in stomach a little above and touched her breast over blouse and bra. She shut her eyes closely and started giving little moaning sound. We started exchanging kisses for a while in both our faces from chin, cheek, lips, forehead and so on while my hand was busy in fiddling her breasts above the dress. 

I made her to stand next to me and kissed her stomach and started licking her navel area for 5 minutes. She was not able to control it and started moaning out. After which I removed her saree pallu and had a good look on the breast area with her blouse and bra which was still on its place and ready to be opened anytime as per my need. 

We both stood there for a while and she in return wanted to remove my t-shirt which I have understood from the way that she lifted my tee. I helped her to remove my t-shirt and she was happy to play with my hairy chest. She continued her play which made me little aroused and in return I started removing her blouse and removed all the four hooks. I made her to remove the blouse in front of me. 

I started inserting my index finger in her bra and touched her breast and went deep further to find the nipple. She was in heaven and was moaning loudly. People from outside wouldnt have heard her moaning only because it was raining heavily. Otherwise we would have caught red handed due to her moaning sound. Once I touched the nipple, my penis which was 6 inch was not able to hold further inside my trouser and started creating a big tent inside by trouser. 

I have inserted my thumb as well inside the bra and pinched her nipple gently and then a little deeply.  She was not able to control my pinch which created an electric shock in both our body. She asked me to suck her nipple immediately for which I turned her back and started removing her bra, her back was really astonishing which I have noticed only on turning her back to remove the bra. I gave her kisses here and there in the back area for which she told she wanted me to suck her boobs immediately. 

I removed her bra and threw that to one corner and turned her facing me. We both were in heaven and were not there in a position to control our emotions. I put her right boobs in my mouth started circling her nipple with my tongue while my hand was playing with her other boobs without my instructions. She was kissing my forehead while I was playing with her boobs. After 10 minutes, I made her to sit next to me on the bed and continued my sucking for another 10 minutes. 

I am a breast lover and interested in seeing peeking through whenever I get a chance. For me if I get a chance to suck one virgin’s breast then imagine how much I would have enjoyed it. Since she was sitting next to me on the bed, she started keeping her hand on top of my cock over my trousers which made me to go the heaven which I should say. I requested her not to play with my cock for a while till we have more time to play and I dont want things to get rushed up. 

She understood my plan and allowed me to play with her boobs. After few more minutes, I moved a little down and removed her saree completely and removed the inskirts knot which was really tight. Both fell down together and she was only in her panties and it was wet. I removed that panty too and made her to lean on the bed in such a position that I can give her a tongue fuck for sometime. 

She did the same thing and I gave her a kiss on her clean shaved pussy for which she started moan the same way what she did earlier. I inserted my tongue by adjusting her clitoris and started giving tongue fuck. She couldn’t resist for too long and gave her orgasm within 2 minutes which I cleaned it using a towel and gave her another orgasm using my tongue. 

She said its time for her to play with my penis for which I gave her a mischievous smile and removed my trouser zip and stood there with my underwear on. On seeing my tent she laughed and took out my penis and kissed its red head by adjusting the fore skin and then kissed it deeply. My penis has reached its full length of 6 inches with that kiss. I asked her to give me a blow job. Since this was the first time for her, I have told her how to give a blow job. 

She did as I instructed in the beginning and within minutes she behaved as if she was an expert in blow job and gave me really a good blow job. I was not able to control my cum which was ready to get ejaculated. She realized on the way that I have expressed and drank the entire load in one gulp and cleaned my penis with her tongue till it get dried. I should admit that she has really done good and made me to live the life for the day as if there is no tomorrow. 

Immediately after this BJ, as you aware it will at least 1o minutes for guys to get ready for another season I made her to sit on the bed and started giving another tongue fuck.She wanted to enjoy the day to the extent and immediately sat on the bed and showed her pussy to my mouth. We enjoyed tongue fuck once again which was little lengthy than the earlier one and she has shouted her orgasm once again. 

This was her third orgasm in that day. We both took rest for 10 minutes before we could continue with our real fucking session. After all these things and with a little rest, my penis was ready for the real session. I made her to suck my cock for a while so that it will reach its actual fucking length which happened within quite few minutes. Then I asked her to lie on top of me so that i can play with her boobs will she is doing the too and fro. 

For every too and fro that she made, she made a hissing sound aahooh and went deep in her pussy. Forgot to say, that we found it difficult to insert my penis in her pussy since it was little tight due to its virginity. After a long too & fro from her, I made her to lie on bottom of me and continued my too and fro with full deep strokes. She welcomed this movement with great deep moaning and enjoyed it. After continuous deep fucking for 5 to 7 minutes, I told her that i am going to cum. 

She asked me to remove my penis from her pussy and requested me to ejaculate in her navel area. Within a minute, I removed my cock and ejaculated loads of cum in her navel area. She touched and played with that and applied all over her body thanked me for what I have done to her. We both collapsed after this and slept like that for an hour and then changed back to our clothes. 

After all these things I asked her what she wanted to tell me. She said she loves me a lot but since I was in love with someone she has accepted her parent’s proposal to marry a guy who is working in Chennai. She gave me the invitation card and requested me to bring my girl friend for her wedding which I did later. Please feel free to send your comments to the mail ID


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