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My Hot Fuck

Hi friends, I am Vijay from Coimbatore, just now I finished my engineering. I am here to share my true sex experience with my neighbor aunty who lived in upstairs of our house for rent. I regularly read the ISS to time pass. And my first sex encounter takes place a year before with my sex angel. I’m not going to reveal her name for safety purpose. To describe her complexion she is milky white and has good pair of boobs which attracts me so much. She had structure of 36-28-32. She is very friendly to me as we spend more time in chatting about my college life and her family. About me, I am slim and white complexion. 

And uncle has lorry contract business so he always busy in dealing with that. Most of the time uncle won’t be at home. And many nights he stays outside due to his busy schedule. Aunty has one girl baby of 6 months and I used to help her to take care of the child when uncle on his job after my college in the evening while my college days. Sometimes I have my dinner in aunt home itself. My parents were very friendly to me so they won’t interfere with my personnel matter. I don’t miss any chance to see her milky white boobs while she breast feeds her baby. She always wore low neck nighty in home. She breast feeds baby by covering by towel during my presence. I occasionally see her brownish nipples while towel slips over it, on watching it my dick arises instantly. 

She mostly didn’t care about it and act as usually and do her household works. Most of the time, I will watch TV in aunt’s home because in my home they always watch serials. On one evening I went to upstairs to watch TV, aunt was busy in washing baby’s cloths in bathroom and baby was in deep sleep. I switch on TV, watched songs as aunt called me for help. I went to bathroom and asked what help she needed. She sat on the small stool on the bathroom floor and washing the cloths. She asked me to bring washing soap from kitchen self. I noticed her cleavage by standing right near her, which is clearly visible. I aroused on seeing it.

I went back to take soap and gave to her. And I came to hall thinking about her boobs to watch TV. After a 25 minutes baby got up from sleep and started crying. She asked me to look after the child from the bathroom, that she would take bake and come. I acknowledged her that I would take care of child. After 10 minutes she came from bathroom to hall. She won’t wear bra at home since she often feeds the child. Then she sat on the floor and opens her nighty button and starts to breast feed the child. I was amazed to see that she didn’t cover her boobs with the towel she usually do. 

I can clearly see her left boob exposed with nipples in baby mouth and I pretend as I was watching the TV. I saw the whole action in corner eyes. She then changes from left boob to right, I can now see clearly the whole left boob completely, on seeing that scene my dick became hard rod and had an bulge in my pants. Now I stare at her boobs without knowing that she was watching me. After sometime I realized that she completely aware of my action. I don’t know how to react. So, I again turn to watch the television. She called me with low tone, I turn to her with frustration but I was surprised by her with a smile in her face. 

She laughed at me, and she asked me that, whether you also want to suck it…?. I was surprised by hearing these words from her and I felt my whole dream came true. I replied her with big yesssss… She smiled and said that you can try it but shouldn’t tell it to anyone about this. Then I assured her that I won’t reveal this to anyone. She asked me to lock the door; I immediately obeyed and locked the door. And I went near her and sat on the floor. Baby still sucks the right boob. I asked her that I want all her milk today then she take the child out from her breast and said you can have it all today. 

She asked me to wait for a while and went to kitchen and filled the feeding bottle with milk and fed the child. I couldn’t control myself so I also went behind her. Then came to hall and placed the baby on the roll bed and gave some toys to play. I was sitting on sofa with excitement and she came near me and sat beside me on sofa. I asked her to open her nighty she replied me “if u want, to do it by yourself”. Hearing this I eagerly moved her nighty which is already partially opened and saw the milky boobs. It’s wet due to sucking of the baby. I descended the nighty down exposing the pair of boobs which I saw first time fully in my life. She silently watches the action with small smile in her lips. 

I planted a passionate kiss on her wet nipple. I started to suck gently on the nipple, small amount of fresh milk rush into my mouth while sucking one I squeezed her another boob with my hand she closes her eyes and pressed my head towards her breast with her hand. At that time I was in the seventh heaven. After emptied one I switched to the other. After sometime I licked both her boobs cleanly. Then I plant a kiss on her lips initially she hesitated later I inserted my tongue into her mouth and she started to chew mine. We continued this about 10 minutes while exchanging our saliva I crushed her boobs violently she also enjoyed it. Her nipples become rock hard I bit and sucked her nipples about 15 minutes. 

At this time door bell rang, she adjust her dress and went to open the door, I pretend as watching the TV. It’s milkman at the door I was disappointed a lot. While this time my parents also called me downstairs regarding some work so, I left to my home telling her that I will come back around 8pm as uncle was also informed aunt that he won’t come home tonight due work. She smiled and replied Ok… 

I finished my work earlier and I informed to my home that I will stay in aunt’s house tonight since I want to watch match till midnight, first they oppose and gave me permission. I informed that I ate outside so I don’t need anything for dinner in my home so there won’t be any interference. I took bath and freshen myself. I went to upstairs with an excitement and open the door aunty was busy in kitchen. I went to her back and hugged her tightly pressing her boobs. She surprised and told me “there’s whole night to enjoy” and asked me to wait in the hall. 

I watched TV in the hall after 30 mins she came from kitchen with the plates of poori; we have the dinner together in hall and chat about her sex life with uncle. After we finished the dinner she bottle fed the baby and made child to sleep. I am happy to see that so that I can have her milk instead of her child tonight. And we both go to the bedroom, I took her in my hands and throw her on the bed and I jumped over her. She smelled in nice perfume make me feel hornier. I started to squeeze her boobs over her nighty and undo the button of her nighty. 

She removed my shirt off while I licked her exposing cleavage. Then in no time I pulled her totally down out of her. I amazed by her structure and color. Uncle is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. She now only wearing the black panty and went to her face and sucked her rosy lips. She has cleanly shaved arm pits. After that she unbuttons my pant and pulled down my pant and inner ware completely now, me fully naked before her my hard penis facing the ceiling. 

She holds my penis and stroked it I felt the heat in my tool. I pulled her panty down her legs. It is my first time to see the naked pussy, she had cleanly shaved and left small patch of hair at the upper part of the pussy I seemed very cute. I went in between her thighs, slowly I touched the outer layer of the clitoris with my tongue she starts to shiver, I slowly inserted my tongue inside and make to and fro motion. 

She makes pleasure sounds like ah…ah…she then hold my head in her hands and pushed towards her pussy and I chewed her pussy lips passionately. She beg me “plz faster plz eat it fully you fucker… plz harder…” hearing this from these unusual words from her it made me feel more hornier. I increased my pace of my tongue fucking and inserted deeper in to her. 

As I could feel the orgasm building inside her. She insists me that “I’m nearing orgasm”… “I’m nearing orgasm”… I continued with the greater force. She tightened her legs around my shoulder and pumped her loads of fluid on my face. I tasted few drop of it which goes into my mouth. She got exhausted and laid motionless for few minutes. But my tool is still hard and fresh. I let her to regain her strength and meanwhile I busy with her belly which so curved and sexy planted kiss and licked over it. 

After 2 mins I move upwards and bit her lips and chewed to encourage her to go further, as I continued it she responded by inserting her tongue inside my mouth. After 10mins of kissing I got up and moved my penis near her face she immediately understood my need…!. She asks me to lie down facing upward and went down to my tool and told to spread my legs apart and kneel ed between my legs and hold with her hands. Then she spit her saliva on my head of my penis to lubrication. It gives me a different sensation then she opens her mouth to take my rod on her mouth and bent forward. Her boobs were hanging like mangoes in my view.. 

She takes my cock head inside her mouth it’s the most pleasurable moment in my life time. She starts to make strokes by mouth. At no time my whole cock went inside her mouth I felt the immense pleasure as she tease my rod by her tongue inside her mouth. Her long hair falls down on my stomach hiding my view of my whore giving blowjob to me. I moved her long beautiful hair aside and enjoyed the movement of her milky boobs. As she moved up and down with my rod in her mouth her boobs jumps in rhythmic movement which I liked the most. 

She sucks me about 15 minutes and I about to cum so I held her head with hair in my hand and I start to fuck her mouth with the great force she cooperated me by holding my tool tightly in her mouth at last I shoot my whole load in her mouth without hesitating she drank all my load. By the time I was exhausted and laid in same position while the time she played with my balls. She take my scrotum in her mouth I felt good. She climbed over me and gave me a childish kiss on my chin and laid upon me pressing her spongy boobs on my chest. We rested in the position for some time. Then again my dick starts to harden. 

I crushed her fleshy buttocks with my both hands as she is still over me, she also enjoys it. Then I slowly moved one of my hands to her vagina and inserted my middle finger inside her hole slowly. She responded with smile and said “u fucker got ready for next round”.. I replied “ya it’s my dream to fuck u darling” telling this I inserted my whole finger deep into her. I have no resistance in inserting my finger so I asked her “will uncle fucks you regularly”. She replied “that fellow is not suitable for this job, he fucks me only once or twice a month”. 

I told “don’t worry you bitch, here after I will satisfy whenever u want”. She enjoyed these words from me. I said, now it’s my time to enter your love hole. She giggled at me and got up and takes two slim pillows from cupboard and kept it together under her hip and spread her legs wide open which invites me eagerly. So, that her hole is in convenient position to enter my dick. It’s a double cot bed so we had enough space for two of us in all positions. I kneeled between her legs with my erected dick. She spit her saliva on her hand and rubbed it around my dick for lubrication. Her pussy is already damn wet with her previous ejaculation and she holds my rod and guided it to her love hole. 

I tried to insert my tool, but little resistance offered by her vagina walls. As I push little bit hard inside her she felt some pain, but I didn’t stop me from entering further in, I pushed with one greater force my dick were completely buried inside her. She beg me to stop a while as she feeling little pain. I obeyed her and stayed in that position and bent down to her face and licked her juicy lips with my cock buried inside her. 

While locking her lips with mine I gently started my stroke with out causing any pain to her. As minutes pass by I increased my speed and let her lips free. She got aroused and shout at me”I love u fucker plz b harder and faster…plz.. plz… I beg u plz.. Harder…harder…”. She is a real bitch in my life. I increased my pace and speed my balls hit her ass in rhythm like a pendulum as I moved in and out of her. Her vagina walls become tighter around my rod I could feel the pressure in my penis. 

I know she was nearing her orgasm I increased my thrust, but I am faraway from my orgasm. She came with a heavy load than first time. I continued my strokes waiting for my load to shout out, after five mins my load ready for the ejaculation. I asked her “can I shout out my load inside her or to take out my dick”. She beg me to not to take out since she wants to feel my cum inside her, at the end of her voice I shoot my entire load inside her, and then I collapsed top of her without taking my dick out. 

After sometime my dick loses its hardness and slipped away from her hole. My dick covered with mixture of her love juice and mine. And we both slept hugging each other for about ten minutes. I know it’s now my to have the milk which I left untouched till now. I moved my head to her boobs. And I cleaned her boobs by licking her both and I teased her nipple with my tongue and sucked it gently, and enjoyed the fresh milk like a baby. 

And I sucked the milk from the brown nipples and give to her from my mouth so, she can tastes her own milk from my mouth. I soon emptied left boob and switched to right one. I slightly bit chewed her nipple while sucking the milk. Her nipples become harder and erect. I squeezed her both boobs with my hands like child playing with toys. When we saw the time it was around 11.00 pm. We slept nude in the bed with my head resting in boobs. 

Around 3 am we got up on hearing screaming of her baby. She went to the next room were the baby was sleeping. I remained in the bed in sleepy mood. She came back to the bedroom with the child, as I saw her again in nude my dick stands straight I am still lying in bed. She placed child on the bed. On seeing my erect penis she gave a naughty smile and said”you fucker always having erect dick”. After that she asks me to take care of child and went to kitchen to take the feeding bottle. 

And return with the feeding bottle and lie on bed and feed the baby by holding the bottle. I can’t control myself so I went to her back and asked her to open the legs, so I can fuck her from back while she feeds her baby and I inserted my one leg b/w her legs and put my dick inside her hole and started fucking she somehow managed to control to feed her baby by holding the bottle steady. 

After baby finished bottle I asked her for doggy style, she willingly obeyed and placed the child on one side of the bed and come to doggy style. Then I kneel ed behind her and inserted my dick and starts fucking. While, I fucking her, her boobs, were moved in the circular motion. Initially I hold her hips and fucked and later I switched my hands to her to boobs and hold it firmly. Baby watches her mother fucked by me with excitement. And we both reached the orgasm together and felt asleep. 

She woke up at 6 am and wakes me up with bed coffee I surprised to see that she is still nude without wearing any cloths. After, we having the coffee together, I suck her breast for little milk left. As I suck her boob, she holds my soft dick and strokes it. With sometime it become hard rock. Her nipples also become erect as I licked with my tongue. I asked her for the anal sex but she refused it. 

Then we moved to bathroom, I asked her to pee in front of me. She obeyed and I do the same as per her wish, and we turn on the shower and take bath together by rubbing soap to each other. She ask me to fuck her in bathroom as she love’s to have fuck in bathroom, she suddenly takes my wet dick in her mouth and sucked it, I got my hardness instantly. She then balanced on the wall with her hands and spread her legs wide, inviting me to fuck from her back. I inserted my dick in her hole with a force and started to stroke while, fucking her under the shower I take her boobs in my two hands and massaged it. 

We continued it for about 15 minutes and I cum inside her completely. We finished our bath and I got into my dress and finally we have one passionate lip kiss and I leave to my home around 8 a.m. That afternoon she called me and asks me to buy i-pill to avoid pregnancy. I bought four tablets which we used for our next encounters. I am posting this incident with her permission only. We were continuing to enjoying each other till date. I and my aunt like to have the threesome sex; girls or aunties who like to join us can mail me at If anyone wants to have sex chat contact me at above e-mail address. I need your feedback which would be helpful for my further posting.

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