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My Friend Bhabhi

Hi Friends. I am newly introduced to ISS. I have started surfing this site regularly now. 
My age is 26 and reside in Pune. I am very frank and positive minded. I want to share one of incident which happened between me and next door bhabhi. I live behind Pune University in a residential area. I live in a 1BKH flat. It’s a rented flat. Flat owner is my friend and works in England. The next door lives his Bhabhi (Brother’s Sister). She is around 32 and a medium build women. She wears saree and lives with 2 children and a husband. Her nature is very serious kind. She is very strict and talks very less. 

Our cleaner comes early morning before 6 to collect our garbage. But it is hard for me to wake early so I started keeping bin at the night itself. But after 2 days cleaner came to me complaining about the bin, as some cats in the area try to find something to eat and the place becomes a mess. So I apologized him and said will not keep outside. Next morning around 9am my door bell rang. I was getting ready for office. I was only in towel around me. So opened door and removed my face outside so the guest won’t be able to see me. Next door bhabhi was standing in front me. She saw me and said will return later in 10 minutes. 

I was wondering why she came looking for me and what does she want to talk to me. She came back after 10-15mins. She looked very angry and started complaining about bin. She said bin falls in front of her door and have to clean it. I felt very bad and said her that I have stopped putting bin outside and have got message earlier. I was angry too. 

After few days my friend came from England and was sitting in my house and when we finished tea he said he is going next door to meet his brother(Mother’s sister’s son) 
Then I came to know about them. My friend went to their place and told them that I am his best friend. Then bhabhi felt very sorry for me because I was really very close to my friend’s family. She didn’t say anything to him neither did I. 

One day I was in parking my bike in parking area. Bhabhi was trying to remove her scooty which was stocked between to other bikes. She was looking at me thinking I would help her. But I didn’t even looked once at her and I started walking towards my flat. 

She called me. 
Bhabhi: Amol can you help me to remove my bike. 
Me: Please, say please. 

She stared looking at me very strangely and again started removing her bike angrily. I came back and asked her to move. 

Bhabhi: I have hands and I will remove myself. 
Me: its ok now, let me remove it. 
Bhabhi: I don’t need your help. 

I caught her hand and pulled her back, with which she thrilled. 
I was trying to remove and she caught my hand and pulled me back. 

Me: what happened now. I am trying to help. 
Bhabhi: I told you I don’t need your help. 
But still I helped her and she went to market. 

I didn’t see her for many weeks and always thing about our fight that day. I use to laugh whenever I remembered it. She came back and I saw she was alone with bag downstairs. I helped her to take bag upstairs. 

Me: Where have you been? 
Bhabhi: We went at my husband’s house for vacation. They all decided to stay there for 1 more week. I came because I had some important things to do. 
We were acting as if we were good friends and nothing happened between us. 

She opened her door and I was standing at the door with the bag. 
Bhabhi: Come inside 
Me: No, just take your bag. 
Bhabhi: okey baba, I am sorry for whatever happened. And you too are very arrogant. 
Me: Not me its you. 

Somewhere I felt she is not a bad women. I went inside and she gave me water from her bottle.I went back to my flat. I the evening around 6pm it started raining and it was windy too. After 1 hour even our light went off. It was raining heavily. Somebody was banging my door. I opened the door. 

Me: What happened to you? Where have you been? 
Bhabhi: I went to market to buy this stuff and I cant find my keys now. 
She was all wet, all her bags were wet. I gave her towel. 
Bhabhi: Can I use your bathroom? 
Me: yes, please and I showed her. 

She came back after few minutes and had tied her hairs in towel. She was looking great in those candle light. I could clearly see her cleavage. And my mind started thinking about this things. I was thrilled. I know she has not done anything purposely. She took one candle and strted looking for her keys again. Finally she found it in her market bag. 

Bhabhi: thanks Amol. 
Me: You are welcome. 

She went to her house. It was still raining heavily. I was too much hungry and wanted to go to my dining mess, but couldn’t move because of rain. My door banged again. 

Bhabhi: Can you give me one candle please. 
Me: but bhabhi I have only 1 candle for now. I want to go to mess. But I will need it when I return back. 
Bhabhi: But how will you go in this rain? 
Me: Do you have umbrella? 
Bhabhi: I have but I don’t think you will be able to go because its windy. 
Me: But I am hungry now. 
Bhabhi: Why don’t you eat in my house for today? 

I kept quiet and didn’t had any answer. I went in her house with candle. She took candle from me and went to kitchen. After 10 mins of wait I couldn’t wait. 

Me: What are you doing? Are you cooking now? I have to eat. Give me something. 
Bhabhi: You are very difficult guy. Am I your servant or what? I am helping you and you act as if this is your house. I have to make chapattis now. Vegetable is ready. 
Me: Make it quick. 
Bhabhi: I am not your servant. It will take time. Why don’t you help me. 
I followed her in kitchen. She had tied her hairs back. She had plucked her saree end at her hip. She was looking awesome. 
Bhabhi: Give me water from the pot. 
Now give me salt,etc.. 

I was looking at her. Wow it was a beauty Goddess. Dinner was ready and we were sitting on dining table. While having dinner I asked about her family, her husband’s family and she asked me the same. 

Bhabhi: Aren’t you married yet? 
Me: I haven’t found anybody yet. I had girlfriend but my family rejected her. 
Bhabhi: Why? What happened to her now? 
Me: She’s married and is pregnant for 4 months now. 
Bhabhi: What? 
Me: Its life. This things happens and I have forgotten her now. Life never stops. 
Bhabhi: How cruel you are. How can you forget her just like that. You look very weird guy. 
Me: I loved her very much but what can I do? I have to remain quite for our both families. 
Bhabhi: That’s very strange. Thank God at least you think about your family. 

We finished with our meal and she was washing utensils. After that I left. After few minutes I phone rang and bhabhi was on the phone. She was in pain. 

Bhabhi: Please come in my flat, I have slipped in toilet. 
Me: coming. 
Her door was locked. But she managed to come till door and opened it. I couldn’t see her properly because of darkness. 

Bhabhi: Take me to doctor. 
Me: but how? Its raining and you look terrible. You won’t be able to walk or sit properly. 
Bhabhi: Its paining. I am not able to hold it. 
Me: Don’t worry, everything will be fine. 
I helped her till bedroom. 
Me: Do you have any painkillers? 
Bhabhi: no, I don’t have. Please do me a favor. Can you massage my leg and back please. 

I didn’t know what to say. Because she was not doing this purposely. She is very straight forward. She has not even seen me properly. She has not tried to seduce me. 

It was dark. I agreed to massage her. I took balm from her drawer. She was lying on the bed facing downwards. Her back was facing towards me. I started massaging her toe. 

Bhabhi: It’s the knee which is paining, not toe. 
She was talking in pain. I was afraid to do anything. So I moved her saree up till knees and started massaging. She felt some relief. Suddenly power came back. I could see her legs. They were milky white and wonderful. 
Bhabhi: switch off the lights. 
Me: no I won’t be able to massage properly. 

But she didn’t listen to me and I woke up. Before switching off lights I saw her, her forehead was bleeding. 
Me: Bhabhi your head is bleeding. 
Bhabhi: Really. 
She started crying and started rubbing by towel. 
Me: Do you have first aid box? 
I took the box and started cleaning her forehead. It was not that bad. I consoled her and now she was mum. She was badly hurt at her back as well. Her back was swelling as well. 
Me: Let me start my massage now. 

She leaned back facing downwards again. I pulled saree till her knees again. She asked me to switch off lights. I did that. I didn’t want to cry again. She was already exhausted. 

Now I was sitting on her hips and massaging her back. I felt her blouse but I couldn’t do anything. She was feeling better now. 
Me: Do you want me to give you full massage. 
Bhabhi: the truth is that I want a full massage but I can’ tell you to do that. 
Me: Don’t be shy bhabhi. You need it. I have massaged my girlfriend many times. 
Bhabhi: that’s why I don’t want you to touch me. 

I thought chance is gone, but I knew this is the only chance I have now. Otherwise I will not get anything. She won’t even talk to me tomorrow. Her nature is like that. 
I took risk and continued rubbing her back. 
I was pressing her back now instead of massaging. I could feel her bra inside. 
Suddenly I got an idea. I thought of switching on light. I ran to switch board and switched on light. She was really embarrassed. 

Bhabhi: What the hell are you doing? 
Me: Teasing you. 
Bhabhi: please don’t do this to me. 
I went to bed again and started massaging her. She looked smiling. I asked her again. 
Me: Do you want full massage. 
Bhabhi: I said you not from you. My husband will do it for me. 

I was very angry and said her 
What kind of women are you? I am trying to help you and you think I will touch you things. You behave as if I a thief. You are treating me like a servant. For your kind information, you are not the single women I will be touching. I don’t want anything from you. You always think about me since first day. 

There was some silence in the room. 
Bhabhi: Ok baba. Do it. But you don’t understand I don’t like this. You are a modern guy but I am not. That’s why I was refusing. 

Me: Common then remove your blouse. 
Bhabhi: Excuse me. Talk properly. Switch off light. 
Me: You are not the first one I will be watching. 
Bhabhi: You are really very arrogant. 
I moved her upright and started removing her buttons. She looked strangely at me. But I didn’t stop and continued removing. 

Bhabhi; Ok wait, I will remove it. You are trying to touch everywhere. 
Ohh my god. I saw her cleavage in her white bra and my eyes couldn’t close. 
Bhabhi: You said you have seen many women. Now what happened. I knew you will change your mind. 
Me: Actually I haven’t seen such big ones. That’s why. 
Bhabhi: Don’t talk to me like this now. Just massage and finish. Then you can go home. 
She slept back again with bra. 
Me: what is this? How can I massage in bra. 
Bhabhi: Everything is possible. Don’t be too much. 
I thought lets continue and then see. 

I am a expert in massage. She was enjoying my massage. Bra’s strip was coming in between. I unhooked her bra. 
Bhabhi: (In soft voice) please don’t do that. Please. 
I was massaging. She was breathing heavily. She started moaning slowly. I took off her bra. Now she was completely naked from back. Her saree was till her thighs. I started removing her saree as well. 

She couldn’t resist to my sweet hands. She was in petticoat now. I untied it and started pulling petticoat down. She hold it tightly. But I removed it will full force. Now she was only in panty. She was hiding her face. 

Me: Why are you so much shy. Haven’t your husband seen you like this before. You should have used to it now. 
Bhabhi: not in front of others. 
I started rubbing her back. Now I came till her hips now, and put my palms inside her panty. I was pressing them hard. She was enjoying. I tried to remove her panty but this time she didn’t let me remove. 

Me: Take you hands up. 
She took them up. Her boobs fall apart. I could see some part of her boobs from sides. I started rubbing them from sides. She was breathing heavily. 
Me: How often do you massage yourself. 
Bhabhi: Once or twice. 
Me: Now I am there, I will massage you weekly. 
Bhabhi: No, thanks you very much. My husband will be home next week. 

I caught her boobs from her back and pressing them hard. She had become so much hot that she couldn’t resist. I was massaging her as well. 
I rolled her upright and now she was facing me. She didn’t open her eyes yet. I took off my shirt. 
Me: Open your eyes. Don’t be shy. 
I was pressing her boobs really hard now. She started moaning loudly. 
Bhabhi: Please don’t squeeze them hardly, Please. 
aaaaaaaaaaahh don’t. 

I started sucking her boobs. She was enjoying. I kissed her necks back and was licking her ears as well. We both were enjoying. 
Aaahhhk ahhhhh aai gggaaaaaaaaa 
Now she also started caressing me. I removed my trouser and underwear. I took off her panty. She hold my dick tightly. 
Bhabhi: You have a big one. Do you have condom? 
Me: how can I have? You should be having it. 

Bhabhi: I have it but my husband counts it. 
Me: don’t worry I will buy one tomorrow and you can put that one back. 
We agreed. She took dick and started moving it. She sucked it hard. I could hear picchikkkk pucchukkkkk. I licked her as well. She enjoyed my strokes. She admitted she never get such strokes. She said me that I am very Manly. I am very hard etc 
I am very good with strokes. Her vagina became reddish and dull that night. 

I fucked her three times that night. I felt little bit guilty as well. But the main part of this was that she enjoyed it. Next day I gave her condoms back. We didn’t had sex after that. I didn’t wanted to spoil her life. Neither she showed me such things. We are like good family friends now. Her husband has also become a good friend of mine. 

We often have drinks together. I have started believing that life should be like this. We get different tastes without spoiling relations. Only the thing is that we should take care of ourselves. Should take some preventive measures to stay away from HIV. This was my first time of writing. Forgive me if I have done any mistakes. Give me feedback on email: if you have liked my story. 
I am still living in Pune. Contact me if you are interested.


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