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Hot Neighbor Aunty – Part II

I am Siddharth from Ahmedabad. I am a great fan of this website. I have been using this website from past one and half years. let me start with me. I am Siddharth from Ahmedabad, i am an working engineer. I am 5 feet 11 inch tall with 8 inch hard core dick. We live in a group house in Bangalore. We have a neighboring aunt her name is Shylaja(changed name). 

She is medium in height and her structure is 36 28 36 her boob size is 36d. I know her from ten years she is of age 35. I am 25 year old. She has two children’s. She was good friend of mine. she has her relative house in Chansma. Even I also have my relative house in Chanasma. once on an emergency she has to go to mysore at around 11:30pm . so her husband was on his business trip. my mom told me to accompany her till mysore for her safety . 

So we decided to go in bus as there was no train at that time we went to satellite bus stop to depart at that time ordinary bus was there. So we decided to get in to the bus. but due to heavy rush for the festive season we were forced to stand still. I stand behind her and she was holding the rod in the bus. people are back of me too at that time. 

It is fully rush and lights went off when the bus took off. I haven had any bad intension about that aunt’s bus started to move off lights went off. Temperature were too cold she was wearing only saree without any jerkins or salwas, nor even me too as the bus started to move on i was standing behind her, I felt as ass on my dick. I felt by mistake she might have touched me. 

As time goes on I felt too cold, at the same time my dick started to raise due to the coldness. In mean time my dick is to touch her ass , suddenly my raised dick got touched her ass. I felt little embarrassed and I have no other choice to cover my dick as it was fully rush. Even her haven showed any sign of hate redness at that time. I slowly said to aunt that sorry I don’t have place to stand properly . 

She told y are u saying like this no problem , if u want u can hold me I was gazing by her words i kept my hand on the same rod she was leaning. Slowly my hands went down to her hip. it was so hot and at the same time my dick was touching her round ass. I got bit encouragement to move further on. slowly I raised my hand towards her breast and my thumb was touching her boobs. She haven gave any sign of no to my touching. 

Then slowly i started to use three fingers to feel her breast, it was beautiful experience. she haven said anything to me. Till we reach mysore i is to touch my dick in to her ass and at the same time i is to touch her boob. we reached mysore. and I dropped her to her relative home. i went to my relative home. Next day she called me to my mobile number, and mentioned me to accompany vt her till Bangalore if i am free to come. 

I told ok and I went to her relative place she was waiting for me. Then she said shall v go . I told ok aunty i am ready. she took me to bus stop and we took a Volvo bus around 8:30 pm. we sat at the last seat as only few peoples were there. diagonally opposite to us there was an couple seems to be newly married. as bus started to move on, i started to watch the couples as they were fore playing in the bus. 

I was gazing and my dick got raised, as even the bus is full A/c bus she was even seeing the same seen as I was seeing. 

she told” Mahesh y u see them so intensely” 

i replied” aunt nothing” 

she told” they seems to be newly married that’s y they are doing like this”i replied” oh is it so” 

she then told” wont u do like this when u get married” 

I replied ” might be depends on my wife , if she allows me to do in bus” 

she told” oh but I haven done like this till now in bus” 

I replied” oh ok aunt” I was totally nervous she told” u have big dick Mahesh” 

I replied” what aunty, I am not getting what are u saying”she told” see your dick got raised by seeing that seen” 

I told” oh sorry aunty, I covered it by my hand”then she” don’t cover it let be raised. ” 

I was totally nervous and no one will see expect that couples then she touched my dick and started to rub.she told” I know what u were doing last night in the bus. ” 

I told” no aunty I was standing and even I told sorry for that’she said” no problem Mahesh, I loved your sized dick.”I totally nervous and she opened my zip and she kept her hand inside my underwear. she then ” oh my god it’s so huge. ”I don’t know what to do even i was shivering to replay. 

She then” Mahesh shall i suck ur cock ” 
i replied” I don’t know aunty what to say, everybody is there in the bus if any one sees what will happen”she then automatically started to suck my dick I was feeling like in heaven. she started to suck very fast as no one was seeing us at the same time couples next to us were also busy in for playing. 

She started to suck for about 5 min , I told her that I going to cum aunty. she told no problem. in mean time i was pressing her boobs. I cum at lastly, she licked and drank all my sperms, she told it was nice Mahesh. i told sorry aunty. I kept my dick inside my underwear and zipped off then i was feeling bit relaxed but she was sex starving. She gave lip to lip kiss for about few min we gave and suddenly my dick started to raise. 

I kept my fingers in to her cunt , as she made readied for that. as we have to reach Bangalore within half an hour she gave one more blowjob for about few mins. She took my cum once again she got ready as if nothing as happened and even i also got readied. then we started to sit closely in auto and we reached our home on next day around noon she called me to help for electric repair in her house. 

I told to my mom and went to her house. She came and opened the door and I went inside , suddenly she closed the door and I hugged her firmly.she told” Siddharth fuck me hardly as I am thriving to do”I told ” ok aunty I started to undress her up”then I was also totally nude, I started to suck her nipples , it was so juicy , she took her to her bedroom and we went there and laid off. 

I started to lick her every parts continuously. suddenly she pulled off and want to 69 position. I went mad about that position. then I started to lick her pussy like anything. She was arousing like anything. hmm, ahhha, please Mahesh insert it , pls suck those nipples, bite it, pull off my nipple, oh my goodness I never expected that I will do sex vt her.then 

I started to insert my dick into her vagina, as it was tight, I forced into her cunt, then slowly I started to hit like a hydraulic machine. she is to shout I cant Siddharth, pls do it fast, pump me darling. I is to pump my dick into her cunt, at one moment she is to say me“Siddharth your dick is touching deep inside my cunt and I think your dick might touch my belly. ” 

I never cared, I was pumping my dick forcibly within few min I ejaculated. She started to lick those sperms then after few months passes we is to have sex regularly without knowing to anyone including my parents. then one day simultaneously on one was there in my house at her husband went off to Chennai for business trip. 

So I asked her to sleep with me. she agreed and came to my home with her children. Then at night time I kept those children’s sleep in another room and I locked the another room. by seeing this she opened her dress. I saw her two tits were hanging like a water melons. I started to foreplay she cooperated with me as my wife. 

We had sex for about 5 times from night to morning. she was totally tied and told ,Siddharth I never seen such a huge cock . even I love to suck those , I touched me inside , my husband got only 5 inch dick , but u gave me full pleasure. I never forget u. from then onwards still now we is to have sex whenever we get time to.

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