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Hot Encounter With Sushma

Dear Readers, I’m Vivek from Chennai and this is my second post here. After reading my first story on this site i received couple of stray emails showing interest in meeting me. I do reply to all such emails and normally there would be no more communication from the sender. But one exception was Sushma (Name Changed). 

Sushma was working at Chennai and staying with her friends in an apartment. She appreciated my story and said she too would like to have a hot time with me provided she likes me and she expected complete secrecy. Though this suited me, i replied to her though i did not expect any more communication. But was surprised to find a reply the next day 

Sushma was interested in meeting and asked to come for chat. We chatted for an hour and shared our photos. Sushma was a dark beauty, she looked really beautiful. She also liked me and we decided to meet at coffee day the same evening. The moment we saw each other, the lust was visible on both our faces. Since we knew what we were planning to do, we started being romantic from the start. 

We decided to meet during a weekend when all her roommates planned to go home.  It was a Friday evening. I went to my house & refreshed before going to Sushma’s apartment. I had asked her to wear a saree as low as possible. I brought her a small gift and went to her apartment. She opened the door and i was stunned by her beauty. I went in and both of us hugged each other and I gave a small kiss on her lips. 

Let me describe Sush – She is slightly plump and some good amount of flesh in her tummy and thighs. She also had good boobs & butt. We were chatting for sometime sitting closely. I could no longer wait. I just put my arms around her and gave a deep French kiss. She responded by taking my tongue into her mouth. Our kisses were wild and we shared so much of saliva between us. 

I kissed & licked her neck, ears and she moaned … good my love. At the same time, one hand’s were on her boobs and the other was caressing her hair and this drove her wild. I moved slowly to her boobs and staring biting it over her saree.  She the pulled my head up and started licking my neck and at the same time unbuttoning my shirt. We were so hot and wild. I said, “You are so beautiful darling, love you. 

She bit my lips and removed my shirt. I made her lie down on the floor and started kissing her from head to toe. I removed her blouse, pressed her boobs, and went to her Navel. I licked her navel like a kid feasting on an ice cream. She was moaning……sshh……aahhhhh…I licked her lower abdomen and then kissed her private area over her saree…..shhh……my god she said. I just rolled her and started kissing her back. 

I unhooked her Bra and licked the place where the bra strap was in her shoulder before tasting her ear lobes and neck before moving to her sweet lips she gave hissing sound. I then took her and to the bedroom & removed her saree. My God! She was fully nude and i just started tasting her from head, her lips her neck while my hands were playing with her boobs. 

I slightly bit her nipple and she said aaahhh….keep licking it please. I kissed her arm pits. The odour of perfume and sweat excited me. I just tasted her armpits and she was mmmm….sshhhhh.Then i moved down to her navel and then to her thighs and started teasing her by licking her inner thighs, her legs, her toes without going to her vagina.. 

She was wet and dripping. She asked me to taste her pussy. I put my tongue into her wet pussy and she pulled my head hard onto her pussy. I kept licking her pussy and she she was shouting…..aaahhh…..ssshh…oooooh….This excited me even more and i started licking harder. She said I am coming keep licking, then she loaded al her juices out & she had a big orgasm. 

I then rolled her over and licked every inch of her back from neck to toe. It was now her turn she licked, bit and kissed my neck, arm pits, chest, abdomen, thighs and then she took my hard cock in her mouth..Ssshhhh my! I wanted her to keep tasting me for ever. She bit my cock and teasing it with her wet tongue. It was heaven. 

Then I leaked in her mouth. It was already 1:00 am and we slept in each others arm. 
I got up on Saturday 8:00 am and found that Sush was already awake on my arms. We again started making passionate love and dirty French kissing for about 10 minutes. Then we brushed and we were feeling very hungry after the night work out. Sush said she will make this breakfast a memorable one. 

She said we are going to have pastries for Breakfast and i said fine as long as it fills my stomach. She had planed all this is advance and had bought a big cake with lot of cream on it, chocolate sauce & a big bottle of honey. Sushma spread the creamy cake on my face, neck, chest & tummy. Then she applied the chocolate sauce all over the cake. It looked funny and asked her what she is doing. 

She slowly started licking the cake from my face. It was really hot and I did not want this to be over at all. Her tongue was tickling me and I was in complete ecstasy. Then she poured lot of honey on my cock and started licking it. I have never experienced something like this before and it was wonderful. I was moaning hard…..oooohhh….my darling, she was moving up and down with full force i asked her to stop because i did not want to cum so soon. 

I just dragged her and made her lie on her back. It’s my turn now my love! I started off with the cake cream. I applied it on sushma’s face, ears & neck and started licking it. I slowly reached her ears and let my tongue to taste the cake. She was shivering and said I love you da. I then slowly moved to her neck and then started tasting the cake from her face. I just took a big piece of cake and asked her to eat it. I asked her to feed the cake from her mouth to mine. 

Then I poured honey on her boobs and started tasting them. The honey Combined with her skin ws tasting great. I slowly licked the honey from her nipple then i slowly bit her nipple. She was sucking my honey dipped fingers and making sounds like mhhh. I then poured the chocolate sauce on her navel and started licking her navel wildly. She just held my head pressed to her navel. The floor around us was sticky due to honey and sauce. 

Then I went to her semi shaven pussy. I poured honey & Chocolate sauce on her pussy & spread them with my fingers slowly on the wall of her pussy. She was wriggling in pleasure. I slowly put my tongue on het clitoris and started tasting the honey from her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure. The honey was flowing down her pussy to her asshole I started licking the honey from the bottom of her pussy to top she was crying in pleasure asking me lick deeper. 

I poured more honey and dig my tongue deep into her pussy. She was shouting now aaaahhhh….and she came with full throttle. She could take no more she wanted me inside her and I wore a condom just slid my dick into her pussy. The lubrication of honey allowed my cock to slide smoothly. The smell of chocolate, honey, cake, our bodies were driving us mad I started banging her like a earthmover machine. 

She had her legs around my waist and was shouting loudly…aaahh. Fuck me harder pl deeper. Finally I exploded. A Breakfast…… of its kind! Since our breakfast was over, we were tired and we were just playing around kissing, biting & fingering. Then an idea struck me.I told her that we will take oil bath together. I asked her for oil and luckly she had. We both applied oil to each other. 

I applied oil to her boobs and I was pressing them the hands were slippery and she became very hot she took some oil and poured it on my dick and started playing with it. The feeling was so good. I slide my oily hands into her pussy and also started applying oil around her pussy. She pulled my head and started biting my lips with pleasure and making sweet sounds. I asked her to bend & slowly went to her ass hole and slid my hands into it. 

It went in without much fuss due to the oil. I was slowly finger fucking her and then increased my speed she started making huge sounds like ssshhhh…aaaahhhhhh. Keep doing it keep doing it. At the same time i was pressing her boobs and she was masturbating. She came again and I licked her hand. She the applied oil to my ass hole and finger fucked me. It was heaven 

Sushma started taking my dick in her mouth the oil made my dick slippery and her warm saliva made him very hard. I was mouth fucking her so hard so good it was. I just pulled her head out & lied down on her our bodies were slippery. It was such a nice feeling. Warm oiled bodies together. So she climbed on top of me and sat on my dick. And she started moving up and down. 

Our bodies were slipping I just started pressing her boobs and biting her nipples. Both were in highest point and she came first and then I came. Then we both took bath in hot water where we again made love. We ordered pizza and had for lunch. We continued our love making till Sunday afternoon and then i returned home. I slept at 6:00 PM in the evening & got up my 8:00 am on Monday morning. Nice week end that I can’t never forget. For Feedback mail at letzrock69@ & i like to discreet.

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