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First Sex Experience With Cousin Wife

Hi, readers I am Jose Antony 24 year old male from Kerala. The following incident happened in 2007 when I had just completed my B-Tech and was searching for a job. I had read some books about sex & also watched some porn movies at hostel, but never thought that such an incident will happen in my life. I belong to an orthodox family and myself being a shy person, I thought a pre-marital sex will never happen in my life. You can give me your feed backs about my story on my e-mail ID: 

Those were lazy days, after completing the degree waiting for a job. I was just sitting at home watching TV & reading some books. All my family members decided to go for a one week meditation at an ashram. I was not interested & told that I will stay alone at home. It was not a problem as I have stayed alone a lot of other times & was an expert in house hold activity. Sunday all my family members left & they told me to take care. 

On Monday I have attended one of my friend’s sister’s marriage & during the function I got a call from my mother’s elder sister’s house. She asked me where you are and about my results. Then she told me that it will be helpful for her if I go there & stay for two days. I told her that I will reach there in the evening. Aunty stays 8kms away from our house. She have 3 children, two (male) working abroad & her daughter is at her husband’s house. 

Uncle passed away in 2005 & right now she is staying with her daughter-in-law. There was no problems between the ’saas & bahu’ like our TV serials. I would like to introduce my cousin brother’s wife to all of you. Her name is Reema. I don’t know her measurements as all other story tellers explain. But for the sake of your imagination I would like to say that her body structure is similar to Bollywood actress Susmitha Sen. She is an educated girl & she have resigned her job to look after her mother-in-law. 

I respected her because she has made a brave decision for the sake of her family. I call her ‘Chechi’(In my local language; it means ‘Dheedi’ in Hindi) & she considered me as her younger brother as she had a younger brother of my age. At my home sometimes I tell my mother that in future I would like to marry a girl like her so that there will be no problem in future due to the ’saas-bahu’ drama. 

Now we will come back to the story. That day Reema chechi had to go to her House as her father was hospitalized & she had to stay there for two days. So aunty will be alone at home; that is why they have called me. Monday after noon I reached there & Reema Chechi was waiting for me with her child (around 18 months old). In the next few minutes she has given me a safety induction about locking the gates, closing LPG valves etc… 

I just laughed as I was an expert in all these sort of things. Then she told me to take care about aunt’s medicine. She told me that the day after tomorrow she will come back, I can go home after that. I totally agreed with her. 

At night I and aunt had our dinner & aunt told me that I will be feeling bore. I replied that it is OK as I was staying alone at home and my first priority is to get a job as early as possible. She told me that she will ask her son who is working abroad about it. 

Then she talked about Reema and told that she loves her more than her own daughter. I agreed with her & told that she is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like her. There were two bed rooms in the ground floor & two on the first floor. The two bed rooms on the first floor were full of dust as nobody was using them. So aunt told me to sleep in Reema’s room. The first time I was using a bed of a woman (other than my mother) & I was unable to sleep. 

There was a nice fragrance on the bed spreads & I had some bad thoughts in my mind. I controlled them as I had a strong respect towards her. The next morning I told aunt that I had to go to my house to water plants, coconut trees and banana trees & will come back in the afternoon. The two days have gone in the same way and on Wednesday evening I was waiting for Reema to come back so that I can go home. 

She was late due to the traffic & reached there around 7:30pm. I was in a hurry and told her that I have to leave. She was surprised and asked me anyway you are staying alone there & you have to make your dinner after reaching there, your mom is not there also you don’t have a wife. So this night just stay with us and tomorrow you may go. Aunty also supported her and finally I had to agree. 

She changed her clothes, placed the baby in the cradle & entered the kitchen to make the dinner. She was wearing a blue colour nighty and once she entered the kitchen she was surprised to see that everything was arranged in good order. She called me and asked who have done this? I replied that after watching the TV for long-time I have decided to do some work. She patted me on the back & told that my wife will be lucky. She told me to take rest and the dinner will be ready in half an hour. 

I was not interested in watching the TV anymore because it was time for serials (as aunt was a regular viewer of telly soaps). So I just stood there in the kitchen talking to her about her family & the situation over there. She said now it is ok & asked how the days were over here. I replied nothing special. 

The next half an hour we were talking about different things and my respect towards her increased understanding her knowledge and opinions in various subjects. I have never talked to a lady for such a long time as I thought that I will not be able to impress them and now I was surprised to know that the most important thing men have to do when dealing with women is that we have to listen to them & take care of them. 

Then we had our dinner and aunt also joined our talks. The bond between us was growing & I was talking very freely cracking some jokes. Then came the problem where do I sleep. I told them that I will sleep in one of the rooms in first floor. Then aunt told that it is full of dirt. Reema chechi told that she is already tired after the journey & she will not be able to clean the room. 

So she suggested that I can use her bed & she will sleep on the floor near her child’s cradle. I told that I will sleep on floor, but she replied that you are our guest & you should not lie on floor. Aunt also supported her. After dinner she told me that you may go & sleep, I have some works for tomorrow. So I went to the room, but I was unable to sleep. The first time I am sleeping in a women’s room while she is in the room. 

Some bad ideas were coming into my mind and I was trying to control them. Soon somebody opened the door and entered the room. She asked formally, Jose is you asleep? I acted as if I am in a deep sleep. Then she has taken the bath towel & went to the attached bath room to take a shower. The sound of water pouring from the shower made me mad. I tried to imagine water flowing over her naked body and wished if I were the water drop flowing over her body. 

But I was not brave enough to do anything wrong. After 5 minutes she came out of the bath room, I was eager to see how she will be looking but never had the courage to open my eyes. She changed her dress and switched off the lights. Suddenly the child started crying and she breast feed him & I was thinking about drinking her milk. I was laying on the edge of the bed near the wall and there was lots of space on the bed. 

After feeding the babe she came to the bed rather than sleeping on the floor. My heart was dancing like daffodils and the beast in me was eager to come out. I tried to cool down myself thinking that she considers me as her brother and will be sleeping beside me because of her innocence. She was sleeping beside me with her back facing towards me. I got some courage, opened my eyes and looked her. 

Her left arm was placed over her belly and right arm supporting her head. Her left arm was moving up and down as she was breathing. There was a good fragrance coming from her hair. She had hair up to her buttocks and they were all spread over the pillow. I slightly adjusted my position and smelled her hair. I was getting mad and totally losing my controls. 

My innocence and fear have totally gone and was looking at her with passion. I slightly moved my left hand and touched her ass. Oh! How soft it was. I slowly moved my hand and placed it on her ass crack. Suddenly I felt that she is not asleep & withdrew my hand. I was totally tensed and was laying on my back. 

After some time she turned towards me. I closed my eyes and remained calm. She put her right hand over my head and moved her fingers through my hair. Then she moved her fingers over my forehead, my nose and over my lips. I was getting tensed. She moved her hand over my chest. Two of my buttons were open & she put her hand inside my shirt. I was wearing a lunki and my tool was totally erect. 

She moved her soft hands over my stomach and I was feeling shy as I was a lean man and don’t had a great body. She was going forward and I didn’t want her to touch my tool in that state (as she will come to know that I am not asleep). So I interfered with a cough and suddenly she moved backward and lay on her back. I have waited for sometime thinking that she will take the initiative. But she was totally afraid and was breathing heavily. 

So I decided to move forward. I turned towards her and put my left hand over her as if I am doing in sleep. When I put my hand over her to my surprise it moved downwards & I came to know that I am keeping my hand just above her right nipple. I realized that she was not wearing a bra (as she had to breast feed her baby) and her nipple was wet (as she had just fed her baby). I was aroused and started teasing her nipples over her nighty. 

She realized that I am not asleep & turned towards me and asked “Jose are you asleep?” I got some courage and didn’t want her to ask further questions. I moved my face closer to her face and locked her lips inside my lips. Oh! How soft and sweet they were. I was getting a nice smell. Yes, the first time I was enjoying the smell of a woman. I really enjoyed her fragrance & kissed her forehead. 

She was laying freely without any protests & I understood that this wonderful body is in front of me to enjoy (at least for that whole night). I decided to take my time to enjoy every bit of her body. I kissed over eye lids, over her nose and on her cheeks. She was moving her fingers over my hair. I put my hands through her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips. Our tongues were twisting each other, fluids were exchanging each other. 

I slowly lifted her head supporting the backside of her neck. I slowly bite on her lower lip, and then licked the lower part of her face. I kissed on her ears and then bite (without making pain) on her left ear. Then I started licking her neck and kissed on the back of neck. The fragrance from her hair was making me mad. 

She was like a kitten eagerly waiting for its master to pat on its back. I was making it slow because I wanted her to remember that day forever (myself too). Then I kissed on her hand giving special attention to each of her fingers. I moved my fingers over her hands towards her arm pits. Then I teased her by moving my hands in her arm pits. She was totally enjoying it and in a lower tone called my name & asked to stop. 

Then the baby started crying and she pushed me back and moved towards the cradle. She took her child & started feeding him sitting on the side of the bed. This time I was not shy, neither she. I stared at her boobs and was unable to see her nipples, as the right one was in the child mouth & the left one still inside her nighty. She looked towards me and smiled seeing my situation. So I decided to go forward. 

I took her feet in my hand and started playing with them. I rubbed the lower part of her feet with my hands. Then slowly moved my hands upwards, lifting her nighty. I was also licking her legs. My hands were nearing her thighs and I was losing my control and my hands & tongue was moving in a hurry. She told me to slow down as she was feeding the child. 

Then I slowly moved my hand inside her nighty over her thighs. Wow! How soft they were. I moved forward and kissed on her pussy over the nighty. I was fully aroused and was eager to see her fully naked. Soon she finished feeding her babe & moved towards the cradle. 

Once she put the baby in the cradle, I hugged her from behind and kissed on her back. My fully erect tool was placed in her ass crack & I was really enjoying that position. My hands were moving over her boobs. Then I moved my right hand over her navel and then towards her “triveni sangam”. I was able to feel those curly hairs over the dress. 

Then I started unhooking her nighty. After unhooking her nighty, I bend down and slowly lifted her nighty (She was still standing). I kissed all over her back and now she was having only her panties. While kissing on her back I made some circles on her back with my nail (also bite her slowly) to arouse her. I moved my hands through her arm pit and touched the base of her breast. 

I moved my hands forward and locked her nipples between my index finger and centre finger. She made a sound of joy and that made me more aroused. I moved my hands over her panty and started removing it. She tried to protest, but this time I was not willing. She had a perfect shaped ass and I rubbed my nose over it, kissed it, licked it & slowly bite it. 

Then I lifted her using both my hands feeling the softness of her ass. I kissed on her breast and put her on the bed. Then an idea came to my mind. I wanted to see her full body in light. So I switched on the bed switch & she was feeling shy and tried to cover her assets using a pillow. I removed it and stared at her body. Her navel was well shaped & looking beautiful. Small golden hairs were starting from her navel going towards her woman hood. 

The curly hairs and red lips made her pussy look nice. I smelled it and kissed over those hairs. It was a nice feeling. I looked at her firm breasts and started playing with it. I started from the base of her breast avoiding her nipples making her to wait for the climax. I kissed, nibbled & licked her right breast though the sides moving in circles. At this time my right hand was squeezing her other breast and my tool was rubbing against her pussy (I was still having my lunky). 

After playing with both her boobs, I sucked her nipples and tasted her milk. Then I kissed her navel and licked her stomach till the starting of the curly hairs. Then I became naked and started licking her thighs. I moved my tongue through her thighs towards her pussy. I put one of my fingers inside her pussy and it was like a jelly. 

I moved my fingers inside it for some time and she was reaching the heavens. She caught the pillow in a firm grip and I was sure she was nearing her orgasm. Slowly I spread her legs and put my tool inside her pussy & started the ride. It was the wonderful moments of my life. I put all my pressure on my tool, pressed it against her pussy and finally it exploded. Both of us were tired and I slowly kissed on her lips and told her thank you & I love you. I was laying above her and her breasts were touching my chest. 

I don’t know when I fell asleep and where do I sleep. But the next morning she called me with a cup of tea after finishing her bath at 7:00am. I was surprised to see her and she was behaving as usual. I tried to wake up but came to know that I am totally naked. She looked on my face and collected my lunki from the floor & acted as if nothing had happened last night. 


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