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Enjoying With My Bhabhi Sumathi

My name is Ganesh, I am naughty at forty, 5”6”,hot and pleasant looking guy from Nellore. This is the real incident happened between me and my sister in law (Bhabhi) about two years back when I went to my native place. Her name is Sumathi (names changed for obvious reasons) she is one year older than me. 

She has maintained herself thru yoga so well that she looks like 28 to 29 years old and has a lovely figure with lovely Boobs Size 36C which are projecting like a pout, has shapely legs, and cute bums. My brother and my sister in law (Bhabhi) do not have any children even after being married for 8years. 

My brother had to go to Delhi for a week on company work. He told me to take care of my Bhabhi and left for his job. We were alone in the house, I was helping her in the kitchen in cooking (I can cook reasonably well) and then we had our lunch. 

She called me to sit & talk with her in her bedroom as it had an A.C. Till then I did not actually think of doing anything naughty with her tho I had masturbated several times thinking of her. She told me my brother never helps even a little in the kitchen under any circumstances. We got to talking about my work, how I spend my time etc. and to share all happening things in our life. 

When I asked her whether they are planning to have a child, she suddenly started crying. I did not know what to do. I got her a glass of water and told her Iam very sorry if my question upset her. 

She had calmed down by then and said it was a very natural question and she was crying out of her own frustration. She was feeling helpless as my brother usually does not get erections or mood for sex nor does he fuck well and that he gets wild if she suggests that they should consult a doctor. 

She feels bad as many elderly ladies are in the habit of pronouncing her as banjh(unable to bear child) and without informing my brother she had got herself tested by gynecologist who confirmed that she was fit for bearing child and problem must be with my brother still everybody blamed her. 

I consoled her and told her not to worry and that I will tell the others not to pass hurting comments. She now had a beautiful smile on her face and hugged me out of an overflow of affection. 

Her soft boobs pressing against my chest felt great and I hugged her back. I then told her I am going to watch a movie on my laptop. She told me to get it to the bedroom so that we can watch the movie together. We both sat very close to each other and hence we came closer almost touched each other by sides and the movie was romantic and there were various bed scenes in it. When the bed scene used to come on screen we were breathing heavily. 

A very sexy bed scene of the movie came on screen and i started feeling excited, we looked at each other and came closer to each other. I slowly put my hand around her back and gently hugged her to myself. She did not resist then slowly I hugged her again and I started kissing her on the nape of her neck gently. She closed her eyes in excitement and then I started moving hands on her back and she was pulling me towards her I removed her pallu from her shoulders that gave me direct access to her huge warm and heavy boobs. 

I started moving my hands on her boobs, her navel and her sexy butts. Our breathing became hot and fast. She started to hug me tightly and kissing my eyes, nose, ears. I started removing the hooks of blouse. She helped me in removing the same. 

I started to massage her boobs with the pinkish partly see thru Bra on and started to lick her already erected nipples thru the Bra after a few minutes she begged me to remove and unhook the bra as she was feeling a little pain and pressure in boobs because of excitement. 

I unhooked the bra and two milky white warm boobs with brownish areola around it came into full view. I went mad on seeing them and started to lick the boobs and suck them every where except the nipples as I knew it wud excite her more. She started moaning and after a few minutes she grabbed my head and pushed it down on to her nipples and said please suck my nipples 

I cant take it any more. I started licking the nipples and squeezing them she started moaning wildly … uumhaahh suck it suck it harderrr more hard … bite it, uuuuumh ohhhhh yesssss i am feeling like in heaven suck it hard suck and keep sucking it. An electric shock like was experienced by her and a shudder ran through her body and she hugged me tightly to her for a few minutes. 

She told me it was the first orgasm in her life. I went down towards her navel and started licking the navel and my hands was squeezing her boobs. She removed my tee shirt and started to lick my nipples and hugged me tightly. I remove my shorts from which my bulging rod could be seen like a pole in a tent she held my huge erected dick in her hands and started rubbing it gently. 

I removed her saree and after removing the whole sari I started untying the petticoat she was wearing. The petticoat fell down soon and I could see a sexy view of her thighs and a matching pink panties. They were netted and I could see small amounts of hair coming out from the net and her panties were so wet. The aroma or smell there was so sexy and was driving me crazy like hell. My dick became very hard like a rock. 

I pulled off her panties and her hairy pussy came into view. I took her to the bathroom made sit on a stool, applied Anne French hair remover to her pussy hair and gently removed the hair with a wet hanky after five minutes and washed it thoroughly with good water. Now her glorious pink pussy was fully visible. 

We once again went to the bedroom where I made her spread her legs separated her pink and wet pussy lips and started to suck her juices with my lips tightly against lips of her pussy then put my tongue inside her pussy. She was moaning away to glory Ohhhh my darling my sweet sweetie pie I love u so mucchhh keep sucking me like this for ever and held my mouth tightly against her pussy. 

I then started licking her clitoris which had swelled and become erect like a small sized penis she again felt like current through her body and her legs becoming weak. I gently rubbed my 6inches long and two inches thick hard dick over the lips of her pussy and gently pushed it a little into her pussy. She was like a virgin since my bro rarely fucked her. Her pussy was so tight to hold my hard dick what a feeling of fucking a real tight pussy 

She felt a slight pain. With my penis in position, I kissed her lips again and sucked her boobs for a few minutes and again thrust a little deeper and again we kissed for a few seconds, finally I thrust my dick into her fully deep and then started slowly thrusting into the wet pussy up down up down faster and faster she was screaming Ohhh oh my godddd you rrrrrrr toooo goooddd on fuck my pussy harder Ohhhh goddd I wish

I was your wife so I cud keep getting a fuck like this. This is like heaven my dream come true. ohhh goddd she was gone crazy oohhh cm onnnnn fuckkkkk mmmeeeeee harrrrddd fuck come on fuck me fuck me ohhh yaaa come on fucckkkkk it harder and harder and harder u are too good in fuucking ooohh my goooddd. The room was filled with sounds of her moaning and fuch fuch fucking sounds till I could bear it no longer and shot my full load into her pussy. 

Her face glowed with a beautiful smile and she said she was thinking of ending her life but she now has found a reason to live as her devar has shown her what true love making is all about. 

We kissed each other gently and hugged tightly then she said that it was the best sex she ever had in her life and she said that she would love to have sex with me every time whenever possible. 

From now on whenever my brother goes out of station, she will consider me as her husband and I should consider her as my wife. We were fucking every day and every night till my brother came back and whenever my brother goes out of station, she phones me and if possible I go over there and we have a lot of fun fucking each other. 


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